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Who Can Perform Waxing Services?

Who Can Perform Waxing Services?

Brow waxes are one of the hottest trends in beauty right now. Arched, thick, “Instagram brows” are all the rage. At-home waxes have the reputation for taking off entire brows, rather than the strays, and it can be a bit tricky to get your brows the right shape. Who exactly should you be looking for when you want to get your brows professionally done? A licensed esthetician or cosmetologist!

Esthiology + Hair Removal

Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we teach our esthiology students the art of waxing. Brows, upper lip, underarm, legs, bikini and other areas are all subject to hair removal. Waxing may seem easy at first, but it truly is a skill to master.

Cosmetology + Hair Removal

Our Cosmetology program also covers waxing services that are currently on-trend. Like our esthiology students, cosmetology students not only learn the techniques involved in waxing, but they also learn proper safety and sanitation.

Brow Wax

Why Is An Education Important For Waxing?

Any time there is a product applied to your face, you want to know what is in it and how your skin will react. With the proper training, you can better understand skin types and conditions that will interfere with the waxing process. Knowing the science behind skin care can help you better serve your clients.

Safety First

There is a proper way to prepare wax and apply it to the face. Each waxing strip is carefully placed and artfully removed, resulting in the right outcome. However, without the proper training, waxes can result in injury or infection.

Is Waxing a Career?

It sure can be! If you’re interested in specializing in hair removal, there are plenty of places where jobs can be found like brow bars, salons and spas. Let Douglas J Aveda Institute be your first step toward a trendy, in-demand and fun career in waxing! Contact us today at 877.311.8957 to find out how to get started!

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