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Cosmetology Program

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A program for the passionate.

Think back to when you were young. Did you have Barbie dolls with custom haircuts? Snag your sister’s fashion magazines? Color outside the lines? You didn’t know it yet, but you were a budding hairstylist.

Explore your artistic side in this comprehensive 1,500-hour program (full or part-time). You will learn the latest styles and techniques in hair cutting and styling, skin care, nail care and makeup. From a foundation of theoretical knowledge, you will practice and perfect your techniques and learn professional business-building skills. Through demonstrations, lectures and rigorous hands-on experience with actual guests, you will learn the professional and technical skills necessary for success (and earn the license to prove it).

More than a career. Not only will you have established the foundation for the rest of your career from the industry’s best, you’ll be a stronger, more responsible individual making better life choices every day.

The path is limitless. Hairstyling has been called a recession-proof industry. Where there’s hair, there’s a demand for talented stylists. How far you go is totally up to you.

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