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You've always had an eye for fashion, art and what's coming next. Turn it into a cosmetology career you'll love. MORE INFO

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Cosmetology: June 26, 2017 | Esthiology: July 17, 2017

Student Stories


What advice would you give a student?
Assist after you graduate! I was an assistant at a salon with hairstylists from other schools and because of the strong foundation I received at Douglas J, my education definitely put me ahead. I learned so much and had such a solid background, I was able to create my own style. I’m an artist, I look at hair as a sculpture and know I can’t cut everyone’s hair the same way. If a person really wants to succeed, they have to grow beyond the basics and they prepared me to do just that.

- Sarah Dilley-Couture, Douglas J Aveda Institute Graduate and Salon Owner


A couple weeks after graduation, I received a call from someone that was opening a new salon. She said that she heard great things about me from friends and also loved the fact that I was Aveda trained and offered me a job right away.

- Justin Gentges, Douglas J Aveda Institute Graduate


Childhood Dream: Taylor has always wanted to have a career in the cosmetology field, but waited until she was a little older to pursue it. Homegrown Talent: She started at Douglas J because she heard it was the best education in Grand Rapids, where she wants to continue to live and work after she completes her program — and contribute to the incredible growth happening in Grand Rapids.

- Taylor Cabala, Douglas J Aveda Institute Grand Rapids Student


Shaelyn’s Inspiration:  At a young age, she developed an interest in hair and makeup while spending time with her aunt, who worked in an Aveda salon. She'd never considered a career in the beauty industry, but as she was putting more thought into her career choices, she decided to give it a try. Raising the Bar: She chose Douglas J because it was the most professional — holding her to higher standards than other schools she visited.

- Shaelyn Bunner, Douglas J Aveda Institute Grand Rapids Student



about Douglas J Cosmetology School

Choosing to train with Douglas J is not just attending cosmetology school, it's the first step in building a career.

- Virginia Meyer, former VP of Education, Aveda Corporate Co-Founders of redChocolate™

The Douglas J team offers a complete system of excellence and support for every student in every facet of education. From the quality of the educators, to the relationship with salon owners seeking talent, to the network of global artists affiliated with the company, everyone is completely committed to developing the student to their highest potential. We give Douglas J education system our highest endorsement.

- David Adams, former Technical Artistic Director, Aveda Corporate


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