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Cosmetology: September 5, 2016 | Esthiology October 11, 2016

Student Stories


Tell us about your Douglas J education.
I was working as a stylist and still had the feeling of wanting to know more, from a technical and a career standpoint, so I decided to enter the Cosmetology Instructor program. That program was so valuable in the way it shaped not only my practical skills, but also helped me improve my delivery of guest service.

- Bridgitte Rutowski, Aveda Regional Director and Former Educator


What is your most memorable moment?
When I was an apprentice at the Okemos salon, TJ Weaver, the founder’s son, asked me what I wanted to do with my career. I said I wanted to run the salon and I needed him to tell me how to get there. His answer was, work hard, put myself in a position to be noticed and take every opportunity that comes across my path, no matter how intimidating.

- Sarah Heath, Salon Director and Douglas J Aveda Institute Graduate


What does a day look like for you?
My days are crazy! Don’t get me wrong — I love what I do! I’m behind the chair 40 hours a week and also educating my staff, fixing the behind-the-scenes salon “stuff” and opening a second salon. It’s easy to put in a 60-hour work week plus take orders from my beautiful girls at home!

- Jared Rushow, Aveda Salon Owner and Douglas J Aveda Institute Graduate


My top five career high points were:

  1. Being on Oprah.
  2. Styling the bridal party for the Clinton Wedding.
  3. Working fashion week on my first Marc Jacobs show.
  4. Retaining Jennifer Aniston as a blow dry client.
  5. Teaching at the Career Fair for Douglas J!

- Ryan Cotton, Douglas J Aveda Institute Graduate and Celebrity Stylist


Childhood Dream: Taylor has always wanted to have a career in the cosmetology field, but waited until she was a little older to pursue it. Homegrown Talent: She started at Douglas J because she heard it was the best education in Grand Rapids, where she wants to continue to live and work after she completes her program — and contribute to the incredible growth happening in Grand Rapids.

- Taylor Cabala, Douglas J Aveda Institute Grand Rapids Student


Shaelyn’s Inspiration:  At a young age, she developed an interest in hair and makeup while spending time with her aunt, who worked in an Aveda salon in Traverse City, Michigan. She had never considered a career in the beauty industry, but as she was putting more thought into her career choices, she decided to give it a try. Raising the Bar: She chose Douglas J because it was the most professional — holding her to higher standards than other schools she visited.  If she was going to enter this career path, she wanted to make sure she put her best foot forward and received an education that would give her a leg up on skills.

- Shaelyn Bunner, Douglas J Aveda Institute Grand Rapids Student



about Douglas J Cosmetology School

Choosing to train with Douglas J is not just attending cosmetology school, it's the first step in building a career.

- Virginia Meyer, former VP of Education, Aveda Corporate Co-Founders of redChocolate™

The Douglas J team offers a complete system of excellence and support for every student in every facet of education. From the quality of the educators, to the relationship with salon owners seeking talent, to the network of global artists affiliated with the company, everyone is completely committed to developing the student to their highest potential. We give Douglas J education system our highest endorsement.

- David Adams, former Technical Artistic Director, Aveda Corporate


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