10 Cool, Easy Manis to Make Your Summer

May 04 2018

woman with dark manicure posing her hand on a tropical wall

Manicures are necessary for the summer. With fingers and toes on display at the pool and on the beach, you need to have your look on point. Whether you decide to tackle these DIY style or take them to your favorite nail artist at a Douglas J Aveda Institute*, these are 10 cool, easy manicures that are sure to keep you looking hot all season long.

1. Bright, Bold Blue

Our first featured mani is the definition of easy. Pick a bright, bold blue and rock that color alone. Whether you rock a long, squared shape or perfectly filed fingers, we know this design will complement any style.

Woman with blue nails putting her phone in her bag

2. The Multicolor

Check out those baby blues! Powder, sky and cornflower blue are all styles to rock this summer. Sprinkle in some taupe and you’ve got the rainbow in your hands. Paint each finger a different color and your mani will match your outfit no matter the shade you’re wearing.

Woman's hand with painted nails in front of yellow wall

3. Color Blocked

Choose your two fave colors and get ready to color block! Start with a clear coat, let it dry, section your nails off using tape, and paint the two separate sections. Once your nails have dried, add a touch of personality by using a striped nail sticker to separate the two zones! This look is perfect to complement your mismatched swimsuit!


4. Feelin’ Tropical

Want your mani to match your beach vaycay? Try this one on for size. Start with a neon or gradient base. Pick a nail and add a tiny palm tree using black polish and a manicure detail brush. Now your nails are as hot as your beach getaway.

Woman's hands with neon manicure

5. Neon Dreams

Want a mani that catches everyone’s attention? Grab some neon polish and get started! Mattify a few nails and mix it up with a single nail. Use a pearl-head pin dunked into polish to give some life to a white nail!

Couple holding hands while drinking coffee

6. The Lazy Girl

Section off your nails with tape, paint the top area with the brightest color of your choice and once it’s dried, seal the whole thing with a clear coat. Now you’re looking chic in less than 10 minutes.

Woman holding jar of purple makeup

7. Mermaid Mani

Start off by painting your nails your favorite base color. Then, stretch a piece of fishnet material over your nail and paint your nails with another color to create scales. Mermaids are super popular now, and you’ll fit right in at the oceanside!


8. Unicorn Nails

Don’t be afraid to embrace the pearlescent! Whether you choose to add a tiny unicorn to your nails using a detail brush or not, this shiny holographic style will inspire your friends to jump on the unicorn bandwagon, too! This look can be created using a polish, a powder or a top coat. Explore your options.

Woman with manicure holding hand in front of flowers

9. Go Floral

Floral patterns are ever popular during the summer because everyone is feeling tropical! Flowers can be created using polish and nail art brushes or by stencil. How artistic are you feeling?

Woman's hand with manicure holding floral in front of pink wall

10. Ombre Nails

Feeling up to a challenge? While still easy, this nail design can prove to be time consuming. It’s worth every second! Start with a light-colored base coat. Layer on top an ombre of colors painted onto a cosmetic sponge. Pat the colors on lightly and use nail polish remover to clean up the edges.

Woman's hands with manicure wearing rings

What Does Your Summer Look Like?

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*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.