11 Natural Hairstyles We Can’t Get Enough Of

Apr 10 2018

black model with natural hair and bold makeup

Natural hair is all the rage, and there’s no stopping this trend. We couldn’t be more excited to see ladies and gentlemen rocking their natural textures in a variety of ways. Here are eleven natural hairstyles we just can’t get enough of in 2018. How will you slay these looks?

1. Wavy, Edgy Mohawk

Person with long blonde mohawk shaking out their hair

Mohawks aren’t just punk rock any more. They are for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of fashion and style. Keep your natural color or go for something more bold like this shaggy blonde number.

2. An Accessorized Updo

Woman wearing headband and pink jacket leaning against wall outside

Don’t be afraid to add something a little shiny or patterned to your updo. Patterned accessories are on trend and can be found in your local drug store or hair care establishment. Don’t be afraid to stack accent clips and hair pins, either.

3. The Low Bun

Red haired woman with low hair bun from behind

This bun is easy to pull off and easy to do. The bun can be dressed up or down and it keeps the hair off the face in warmer months. Don’t be afraid to add a little twist or a few braids at the top of the head to tame frizz and stylize your look.

4. Scarves

Woman wearing headband and overalls in front of yellow wall

Whether you wrap all of your hair up in a scarf or just add to your look with a pattern and a pop of color, scarves can add a little something to your hair. Don’t be afraid to go bold with an Aztec pattern or get fancy with a silk scarf. Scarves not only make a fashion statement, but they can protect the hair from damage from the sun and wind.

5. Braids for Daaaays

Woman with braids wearing USA shirt outside in summer

Braids are a timeless style, and they can be worn in a variety of ways. Braids worn down can be dramatic or creative, pull them up into a bun and you’ve got a unique updo or even braid your braids together to style something totally different!

6. Dramatic Side Part

Woman with wavy hair wearing blanket outside lifeguard stand

Embrace your natural curls and make a statement with a bold side part. Middle parts are trendy for the more bohemian look, but to create a style all your own, divide your hair nearer to the side of your head than the top. Then rock the look all night long.

7. Just Curls on Curls on Curls

Woman with curly hair standing outside during summer

People with straight hair are often envious of curly girls, so give them something more to admire! Embrace your natural curls! Talk to your fave curly-hair-focused stylist about creating the perfect hair care routine for you and see just how bouncy, defined and beautiful your natural curls can be!

8. A Twist of Style

Woman with natural hair wearing overalls

Twists, another classic style. Twists are not only beautiful and trendy, but they are also a protective style for your hair. If you want to give your hair time to strengthen and recover, try styling your locks in twists.

9. A Snatched, Slick Pony

Fashionable woman with hair in ponytail stands outside

A slicked pony tames flyaways and gives style to baby hairs. Take a look at the red carpet or the runway and you’re bound to see a tight, glossed pony a few times. The best part about this style is that it keeps the heat off your neck during summer months and can be worn casually or formally.

10. Halfsies

Brunette woman seen from behind stands in front of the ocean

Can’t decide if you want an updo or a laid-back down style? Why not do both? Wrangle stubborn top layers by piling them into high buns and leave the rest of your hair wild. Natural texture, take center stage!

11. Curly Lil’ Buns

Woman with hair in two buns poses in front of industrial building

Space buns are all the rage, and you can tap into the style yourself by creating these lil’ curly buns. These buns work with medium to long hair and are perfect for a day out shopping with friends or your next IG photoshoot with your girls.

What Are Your Favorite Styles?

Do you have a favorite natural hairstyle that didn’t make our list? Let us know on social media, and tag us in any of the selfies you take that recreate these looks!

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