2019’s Top Halloween Costumes & How You Can Wear Them to Work

Oct 16 2019

brunette woman wearing witch hat holding a bat mask over her face for Halloween

This blog was updated for 2019! Read below for the recap on 2019 Halloween costume trends.

Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids, and as an adult, it doesn’t mean you have to wear something you’re uncomfortable with. With the holiday falling on a Thursday this year, many people are going to be going to work before attending costume parties. Not looking to run home and change before the festivities? Here are Halloween 2019’s top costumes and ways you can make them work-friendly.

2018 had some awesome trends that are definitely worth mentioning. It brought us Unicorns, The Incredibles, and even more Harley Quinn looks (which might be a forever classic Halloween look from now on). We also saw new life breathed into old trends like fruits and veggies, witches, scarecrows and mermaids. Plus there’s always the much-loved 90’s kid outfits and Snapchat-inspired makeup costumes. (Can we petition to bring the gold butterflies filter back?) We had so much fun in Halloween 2018. Bring it on, 2019!

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Top Costumes of 2019

We scoured a variety of our favorite online resources (PopSugar, Marie Claire and Seventeen Magazine) to find the perfect top 10 list for you to recreate, and here’s what came out on top.

Clueless” Cher

Long live 90’s fashion! We’ve been seeing plaid outfits popping up in store windows everywhere.

Girl in a yellow plaid skirt

How to Work it at Work
The skirt and suit jacket combo is perfect for work. Make sure the skirt length is appropriate, throw on some knee highs and you’re ready for the workday!

Mean Girls

This year, October 3rd fell on a Wednesday. Cue the comeback of “Mean Girls” excitement everywhere! With Halloween also being on a Wednesday, how can you not wear pink?

Lady with pink blazer

How to Work it at Work
The plastics never wear the same outfit twice, which means costume options are endless. While some of their outfits might not be work-appropriate, most of them are! Take a look at these styling ideas:

Stranger Things” Fan

“Stranger Things” is still one of the trendiest Netflix shows right now, so it stands to reason that dressing up as a “Stranger Things” fan will be great costume choices this Halloween.

Girl wearing a stranger things tshirt

How to Work it at Work
These DIY costumes are easy to throw together and perfect for work. Get a cool windbreaker and some high waisted jeans with converse. And don’t forget the “Stranger Things” t-shirt.”

Instagram Influencer

What’s the point of a killer Halloween costume if you don’t get a pic for the ‘gram, am I right? Have you considered dressing up as an Instagram influencer? You just have to be fashion-forward and photo-ready at all times.

Girl holding a polaroid camera

How to Work it at Work
This one is perfect for work. Wear a pretty floral dress and accessorize with oval sunnies and a polaroid camera. Take some avocado toast for lunch and you’re set!

Cosmic Fairy

Celestial makeup is the second-most trending Halloween makeup search on Pinterest this season. We’ve seen some amazingly unique makeup looks varying from simple to very detailed, and they’re all gorgeous! No matter your makeup skill level, the celestial makeup trend is one you should try.

Girl with glittery eyeshadow

How to Work it at Work
Take a look at this makeup tutorial by YouTuber, Miranda Hedman. Pair this makeup look with silvers and pastels and you’re sure to turn heads.

Comic Character

Pop art makeup is finding its way back into Instagram makeup fame this year. This fun makeup trend can be used for different characters or just a general comic book feel.

Girl dressed as a coming book character

How to Work it at Work
Check out this makeup tutorial by Madeyewlook for four different looks you can try this Halloween. Bonus: her channel has tons of Halloween makeup looks you’ll want to check out!


What better way to scare someone at work than Pennywise from the movie “IT”? It’s was one of the most anticipated movies of 2019 and we’re certain that this inspired look will be popular for years to come.

lady with clown makeup holding a red balloon

How to Work it at Work
Put some Pennywise makeup on and tie a red balloon to your desk. It’s simple and will give your coworkers shivers down their spine.

What Inspires You?

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