5 Bad Hair Day Styles

Feb 26 2018

girl with stylish braided updo

Your alarm goes off and you sluggishly walk to your bathroom to get ready for the day only to be greeted by a monster on your head. Yep, today you are dealing with a classic bad hair day. We all have them. It comes with having gorgeous locks. But do not fret, we have five hairstyles that you can easily do so that no one will know how your morning went.

1. Accessorize It!

Let’s start with the easiest. Although, let’s be honest, all of these styles are so easy it seems wrong. Adding a headband or type of scarf will not only give some life to your hair, but can easily cover that one cowlick that won’t behave. Stubborn little thing.

Woman with red hair wearing yellow jacket sitting in grass

Woman wearing hair scarf and sunglasses


2. The Low Bun

The low bun is so easy you could do it without a mirror. If your hair is looking a little dead, tease it at the crown before tying it into a low bun. Don’t forget to pull out a couple strands of hair to frame your pretty face!

Woman with hair in bun from behind wearing backpack looking at ferris wheel

Woman from behind holding dog while looking at mountains

3. Messy Top Knot

Man, we just keep making these so easy for you! Take the top half of your hair (most commonly the stubborn half) and tie it up into a bun. If the entire thing is being a pain, then show it who’s boss and tie it all up!

Woman standing in park lane

Woman with hair buns looks out window of green room

4. The Side Braid

Alright, these last two are going to take a few more minutes of effort but we believe in you. We even provided a step-by-step guideline. I know, I know, you’re welcome. This look will keep your hair out of your face. A real bonus if you’re dealing with greasy hair.

Woman with braided hair standing in courtyard

Woman from behind with braided hair looking out at a yard

5. The Braided Crown

You thought this was going to be complicated, didn’t you? Think again! This hairstyle makes it look like you actually put effort into looking good. This look goes great for the days that your hair is a frizzy mess. The frizz will help texturize and lock the braids in. Yes, queen, slay!

Woman with braided hair

Woman with braided hair poses in greenhouse

Rock Your “Bad” Hair Day!

After mastering these looks, your bad hair days will be a thing of the past. We get that some days are tougher than others and you just need a lazy day. These hairstyles will work perfectly with that day. Check out our “Lazy Girl’s Guide” to lazy it-up right! Share with us on Facebook, what hairstyles you tried!