50 Years of Learning

Oct 05 2017

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The Douglas J family celebrated its 50th birthday in August of 2017, and that is something we are proud of. We have spent the last 50 years changing, innovating and making our company culture the best that it can be. We like to attribute that success, not only to our staff and owners, but to our students and guests. Thank you for being a part of our family.

Our Mission

To serve, educate and innovate by inspiring a culture of creativity and care, in beauty, fashion and wellness.

Where it Started

Douglas J Weaver grew up around hairdressing. His mom, dad and family connections were all hair designers from around the world. Weaver loved the way that clients felt when they walked into his family salon, and he wanted to create his own experience.

In 1967, he established the Douglas J Salon. From there, Weaver started to establish the culture that’s still very obvious in the Douglas J company culture today. He was dedicated to changing the industry for professionals and guests alike.

Our Culture

Our culture is helpful, friendly, comfortable and happy. Our staff and students should feel like they have a strong presence in the lives of their guests, and our guests should feel like they are coming home. We believe that set standard makes our jobs that much more rewarding, and our guest experience that much more fulfilling.

Our Company Contributions

Douglas J companies have donated over $1.5 million to charities around the world over the years. From helping children in need to helping protect our precious environment, we want to be a positive change.

The Institutes

After years of building a unique culture in the Douglas J Salons, it was decided that a school was the next step. Weaver’s sons, TJ and Scott, have kept Weaver’s dreams and ambitions alive and well in the addition of each new institute and salon.

Within each school the spirit of Doug and his goals is alive and well. Our focus is on lifelong learning and passion for the craft. Whether our students are pursuing an education in cosmetology, esthiology or massage therapy, we hope that they implement everything they’ve learned at Douglas J into their careers; and we don’t just mean the technical skills. Our students may choose to open their own salon or spa, they may want to work as a platform artist or even become a well-known stylist behind the chair, but whatever they do, our goal is to infuse the culture of Douglas J into each individual.

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How You Can Become a Part of Douglas J

Do you want to receive an education in beauty or wellness, all while embracing a culture of lifelong learning, innovating and giving back to the environment and your local communities? Join the Douglas J family!

To learn more about how to become an Douglas J Aveda Institute student, check out our cosmetology, esthiology or massage therapy programs at any one of our six campuses.

To find out how to become a part of our family team check out the Douglas J Companies’ career page.

Advice from Douglas J Weaver

“Find a way to enjoy what you’re doing. Work is a four letter word. It shouldn’t have a negative meaning. It has a very positive meaning because it gives you meaning to continue on with life. Enjoy it.”