7 Valentine’s Date Night Looks

Jan 24 2020

couple going on a date for valentines day

Valentine’s Day is exciting whether you are single or in love. It’s a great day to celebrate relationships! Take your spouse or best friend and go out to dinner. If dinner isn’t your thing, you could go bowling or watch a movie. Either way, it’s an excuse to get dressed up and get out of the house!

Get one of these seven Valentine’s date night looks by making a reservation with our talented Douglas J Aveda Institute students. All services are provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

1. Blushing Pink

If you are looking for an excuse to dye your hair pink, now is the time! Pink is one of the most significant colors on Valentine’s Day. Complement your pink hair with pink makeup like blush, lipstick and eyeshadow.

Haven’t tried the pink look before? Here are some ideas for applying pink makeup.

  • Use a pink or black eyeliner for a winged eye
  • Apply pink blush to your cheeks
  • Pick a lipstick that’s a shade darker than your hair
  • Use a shimmery eyeshadow in rose gold, pink, or gold
  • Do a smokey eye with pink eyeshadow
  • Use a pink glossy eyeshadow
  • Use pink lip liner to emphasize your lips

Girl wearing pink makeup

2. Enchanting Updo

Are you hoping to charm your way through the night? This could be the look for you! There are a million different ways to pull your hair up out of your face, and they can be fancy or casual.

A fancy updo can include curling your hair, braiding it and adding in hair accessories. This look would be perfect for a fancy dinner or a dance. A casual updo can be as simple as a five minute messy-bun, perfect for a fun movie night or while decorating sugar cookies!

You can try this enchanting updo done by Douglas J Aveda Institute student Anneke Mensonides @beautybyanneke.

3. Red Hot Hair & Lips

The color red symbolizes passion, love and desire. It is the most common color to represent Valentine’s Day. If you are in love this year and want to express your bold confidence, try the red look! Wearing red lipstick can catch your lover’s attention. Add some vibrant shades of red into your hair for the hottest look! Here are a few tips to maintain this hair color:

  • Wash your hair less frequently by using a dry shampoo
  • Use a heat protectant and limit the heat on your hair
  • Protect your hair from the sun by wearing a hat
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that will keep your hair color vibrant

girl with red dyed hair and red lips

4. Flirty Curls & Smokey Eye

There are so many different ways to curl hair, and we’re loving these bouncy curls for Valentine’s Day! They are flirty and fun! The key to great hair on Valentine’s Day is making it last throughout the whole night. The tighter the curl, the longer it will hold. You can also use these products to perfect your curls.

The smokey eye makeup never goes out of style. It can be a fun way to draw attention to your eyes. The smokey eye can be done by dragging out darker greys or blacks to the outer edge of your eyes. Do you usually wear a natural eyeshadow look? Try stepping out of your comfort zone to try a darker, flirty look.

girl with curly hair and smokey eye makeup

5. Lavender Love

Lavender is also a fun style for Valentine’s Day. It’s no secret that colored hair is trending! For a soft loveable look this holiday, try purple! This hair color could look stunning with shades of purple and pink makeup. Try this look with a purple or black dress.

girl with lavender hair and pink lipstick

6. Sassy & Sweet Braids

Some hairstyles look good without even trying! Braids can be sassy and sweet. There are a variety of ways to braid your hair from pigtails to french braids. Try braiding your hair a few different ways and see which one you love. Some fun ways to braid your hair might be dutch braids or fishtail braids. Braids tend to hold their shape, so you can stay out the whole night!

pigtail braids for valentines day hair

7. Tied With a Bow

A simple, effortless hairstyle is one that’s tied with a bow. Pull your hair back into a ponytail, or half way up, and tie it up with a bow. This look can be easy, and it can make you look more put together than a regular ponytail. If you are running behind or getting off work late, this might be the perfect look for you!


Looking To Achieve the Perfect Valentine’s Look?

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