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Lash Extensions Classes


Ann Arbor Classes:
Lash Artistry: June 24, 2024 August 5, 2024 October 7, 2024 December 2, 2024
East Lansing Classes:
Lash Artistry: June 17, 2024

Dulce Lash Artistry Classes

Lash extensions is one of the fastest growing, most requested service in the beauty industry today. Learn this highly sought-after skill and increase your income by Becoming a Lash Artist.

Long, thick eyelashes call attention to the eyes, which are often referred to as “windows to the soul.” Countless authors and poets have used descriptions of eyelashes to evoke images of beauty.  Not all are blessed with naturally long lashes and some just want to add extra volume.

You now can take this training at Douglas J and add this in demand skillset!  This course utilizing Dulce Lashes is the foundation of any Lash Artists career and is designed for learners who have little to no experience in eyelash extension application. Educators will work side by side with you in class during this training.

This class covers all the skills and confidence you need to be successful as a dedicated Lash Artist or adding it to your current services offerings as a beauty professional. Educators will work side by side with you while you train and learn. You training will include:


  • Eye anatomy
  • Lash cycle
  • Allergies and reactions
  • Contradictions and signs of lash stress

Safety and Sanitation

  • Work space set-up and sanitation
  • Lash artist hygiene, posture, lighting and ventilation

Lash Styling Guide

  • Classic vs. volume lashes
  • Understanding curl types, lengths and thicknesses
  • Silk, mink vs. flat lashes
  • Use and storage of lash adhesives
  • Lash mapping

Lash Application, Pro Tips and Signature Techniques

  • Client consultation/sample consent form
  • Cleansing natural lashes and extensions
  • Priming natural lashes
  • Securing under eye gel pads properly
  • Working with droopy, fluttering or partially open eyelids          
  • Properly isolating natural lashes
  • Spreading the lash line
  • Application and bonding
  • Checking for coverage and stickies
  • Nano misting
  • Fill appointments
  • Removing lash extensions
  • Aftercare

Your training comes with Dulce Lash Artistry Kit and includes a mannequin with synthetic practice lashes.





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