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Latest Blog Posts

Congrats Beacon Winner Alanah Bowers!

May 25 2018

Alanah Bowers is a recent cosmetology graduate from the Douglas J Aveda Institute in East Lansing, and she is also a 2018 Beacon Winner! Congrats, Alanah! What is Beacon? Why is this such a super cool accomplishment for Alanah? Want to see her gorgeous work that helped her win? We’ve got it all! Check it…

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Career Dreams: TV/Film Makeup Artist

May 18 2018

What is a TV/Film Makeup Artist? Movie monsters, glam styles on the silver screen and even familiar faces on your favorite reality TV show; these are all examples of work created by a makeup artist! TV and film makeup artists work behind the scenes to create the looks you’ve admired from your theater seats and…

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Student Stories: Tommy Buckett

May 15 2018

There are people that dream, and there are people that do. At Douglas J Aveda Institute, we believe in taking dreamers and teaching them how to do whatever they desire to achieve in their futures! Each month we like to feature one stand-out student or alumni. This month we are featuring a Michigan alum, Tommy…

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How to Wear Makeup in the Summer

May 12 2018

Does wearing makeup in the summer make you feel gross? Is the sweat and sunscreen ruining your regularly glam style? You’re not alone! Your makeup regimen should change as the seasons do. It’s important to tailor your routine to your environment and your skin’s needs. Here’s all you need to know about wearing makeup in…

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Our Fave Top 5 Styles From Coachella 2018

May 09 2018

Coachella is one of the hottest festivals to attend every year. Fashion and beauty mavens from all over the world attend this festival in addition to the music-loving rockers that makeup the audience. This year Coachella took place from April 13-22 and several styles made their mark of the world of fashion and beauty. Here…

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10 Cool, Easy Manis to Make Your Summer 🔥

May 04 2018

Manicures are necessary for the summer. With fingers and toes on display at the pool and on the beach, you need to have your look on point. Whether you decide to tackle these DIY style or take them to your favorite nail artist at a Douglas J Aveda Institute*, these are 10 cool, easy manicures…

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Student Stories: SharaLee Attema

Apr 24 2018

What do you dream of doing in the future? Is it making a difference in your life? Is it changing the lives of those close to you? Or is it to change the lives of people world wide? At Douglas J Aveda Institute, we encourage our students to dream as big as they can. We…

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For Stylists: How to Take Stunning IG Photos

Apr 21 2018

The world of social media is HUGE, and it’s the perfect place for beauty pros to show off their stuff because most popular platforms are highly visual. If you’re a beauty professional, or an aspiring beauty professional, this is the ideal space to put your work in the spotlight you cast. If you’re not already…

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Career Dreams: Color Specialist

Apr 18 2018

What is a Color Specialist? A color specialist is a professional who tailored their skill set to fit a certain demand within their industry. This career has become highly popular over the past few years, with cosmetologists choosing to perfect the depth of their skill set rather than making their talents wider in range. Color…

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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Stylist

Apr 17 2018

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day is April 30! Like the other important people in your life who lift you up and make you feel more confident, stylists deserve to be celebrated. You might be wondering, what do I get for someone who makes me feel beautiful? Here are seven ideas to help you get started. 1….

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