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Latest Blog Posts

How to Find the Best Esthetician School in Tennessee

Sep 30 2018

Have you been searching for the best esthetics school in TN? Do you know what to look for? We’ve got your guide.

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What Can a Cosmetologist Do in Illinois?

Sep 27 2018

Are you wondering what the scope of a cosmetologist’s license in the state of IL is? We’ve got your answers!

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Career Dreams: Sports Massage Therapist

Are you a sports fanatic? Do you love helping people feel their best? Read more to discover how this career can combine the best of both these worlds!

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Why Douglas J Aveda Institutes Insist on Raising the Standard of Education

Sep 11 2018

Did you know that every student kit at the Douglas J Aveda Institutes contains not only the tools of the trade but a 32g iPad too? We’ve offered this extra piece of tech in our student kits for the last three years. Why? Because technology helps elevate the beauty industry, and our students should be…

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Behind the Scenes of Fashion Week

Sep 06 2018

Fashion Week. This iconic event takes place around the world. Did you know that behind the scenes makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion designers work together to create the looks you see on the runway? It’s true! As a licensed cosmetologist you could have the opportunity to work behind the curtain with models and other…

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Student Stories: Serene R.

Sep 04 2018

Douglas J Aveda Institute students are great! We can’t help but think they are some of the most talented students out there. We believe that great students go on to become great professionals. In fact, our featured student this month went on to become a professional at our Okemos Douglas J salon! This month’s student…

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How Long is Aveda Cosmetology School?

Aug 27 2018

Aveda schools are different than other cosmetology schools. It’s just true! The Aveda brand partnership means that our curriculum is different, the products we use are different and our culture is different! When you walk into an Aveda school, it will be a different experience than you’ve had at other schools. What does that mean…

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Career Dreams: Salon Owner

Aug 09 2018

Are you excited by the idea of becoming the boss? Do you long for the day when you can work for yourself? Have you thought about getting your cosmetology license? Huh? It might not seem related right away, but getting a beauty license could be your first step toward a career as a business owner!…

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What I Wish People Knew About Beauty School

Aug 06 2018

There’s a stigma around beauty school and the people who attend it. Instead of brushing it off, making passive aggressive comments back or being out right combative about it, let’s talk. Beauty school can set you up for success. If you are a passionate, outgoing and dedicated individual who wants to create their own future…

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What Should I Do After High School?

Aug 02 2018

Graduation season has come and gone, and now the new school year is rushing upon us. Still looking for the universe to give you a sign indicating what your future holds? Well. Here’s your sign. Here are 5 things you should do after high school. 1. Do Something That Scares You Take a leap! Take…

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