Career Dreams: Editorial Hair Stylist

Dec 12 2017

career dreams editorial hairstylist

What is your dream career? Does it involve fashion, hair, models, photography or maybe even advertising? Check out this dream career that could be possible with a cosmetology license!

Editorial Stylist

What is an Editorial Stylist?

An editorial stylist is typically the person in charge of choosing the look of the model before a photoshoot. These photographs are used in a variety of “editorial” material. Print and digital ads, album covers, magazine spreads and other visual creations.

If you enjoy spending time reading fashion magazines or browsing in your favorite beauty store, you’re likely to have seen some sort of editorial work before!

aveda editorial stylist in action

Job Responsibilities of an Editorial Stylist

These stylists work with directors, photographers, models, makeup artists and other beauty pros. Editorial stylists will usually:

    • Prepare a creative strategy with the team and model.
    • Do a dress rehearsal of the style itself on the model.
    • Create a style kit.
    • Design the model’s hair and prepare them for the shoot.
    • Maintain the model’s look throughout the shoot.
    • Assist the photographer in capturing the creative strategy.

What is Required to be an Editorial Stylist?

In many states, it is legally required to have a cosmetology license to do hair and get paid for it. Because of that, it is highly recommended that you attain a license in cosmetology to do hair as an editorial stylist.

Experience will also be a good addition to your resume when looking for an editorial job. Many models and photographers want to work with someone who is professional and experienced, so get out there and get creating! Don’t be afraid to do non-editorial work while you gain experience. The more you get to work with a team and other professionals, the better!

A strong portfolio is also a plus when looking for a job in editorial styling. Many of these jobs come about as freelance opportunities, so it is best to always be prepared to show off your stuff. Fill your portfolio with a variety of work, but focus on work that could be in a magazine or ad.

aveda editorial stylist curling a model's hair

How can a Cosmetology Education Help me Toward Becoming an Editorial Stylist?

A cosmetology education is the first step in working toward a cosmetology license. Not only can you get the education that is required to sit for the licensure exam, but you can also work alongside other aspiring beauty pros and learn how to work as a team. There is also a lot of networking to do. Almost every person you come across during your time in beauty school can be a resource once you’ve graduated. You never know who you’ll meet!

Make Dreams a Reality

A career in beauty all starts with an education! Contact Douglas J Aveda Institute to find out more about how our staff can help you plan your journey to a dream career.
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