Career Dreams: TV/Film Makeup Artist

May 18 2018

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What is a TV/Film Makeup Artist?

Movie monsters, glam styles on the silver screen and even familiar faces on your favorite reality TV show; these are all examples of work created by a makeup artist! TV and film makeup artists work behind the scenes to create the looks you’ve admired from your theater seats and couch for years. These makeup artists are responsible for capturing characters, creating a story and setting trends for the beauty and entertainment industries alike. These artists work hard to make up actors and actresses to perfection, though you may not have even known they were a part of the process!

What Skills Do They Need?

These types of makeup artists require a variety of skills including but not limited to:

  • Color Correcting
  • Contouring
  • Highlighting
  • Natural Makeup Application
  • Glamour Makeup Application
  • Makeup for Photography/Film
  • SFX Makeup (In Some Cases)
  • Makeup Application Techniques for All Face Shapes and Skin Colors/Types
  • Attention to Detail
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Self Sufficiency
  • Time Management

Makeup artists have the opportunity to adapt and change their style and skill set depending on their interests and strengths! Each individual has their own way of creating their works of art, and while there is some science and theory behind makeup application, it is truly a form of artistic expression and there’s room for personal preference!

Where Can They Work?

This seems straightforward, but do you really know where television and film makeup artists can be found? There are a few places that may surprise you!

  • Reality TV Sets
  • Local TV Stations
  • Newsrooms
  • Film Sets
  • Theater Sets
  • Music Video Sets
  • Podcasts
  • Youtube Videos
  • On Location Commercials
  • Haunted Houses

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Who Can Become a Makeup Artist for Film or TV?

Do you have an interest in makeup artistry? Have you always loved the glitz and glamour of the movies? Are you constantly scouring YouTube for the latest film or TV makeup tutorials? Then you might be the perfect fit for makeup artistry!

If you have a passion for creating your own magic with makeup, explore a career in film or TV! It is recommended that you start off with an education in esthetics or cosmetology. Beauty school programs like the ones offered at Douglas J Aveda Institute can help you master the basics of makeup artistry that can set you on the path toward a future in film or TV makeup.

How Can Douglas J Aveda Institute Help Me Pursue This Dream Career?

Douglas J Aveda Institute offers esthetics programs in all six of our locations. These programs teach you more than just makeup application; They can teach you proper safety and sanitation as well as the foundation of makeup artistry: skin care! An education in esthetics could jumpstart your makeup career and take you to amazing places like NYC, L.A. and many more! To learn more about starting on your path toward this dream career, contact us today!

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