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Category: Career Dreams

Now is the Best Time to Start Beauty School

Have you ever considered entering the exciting world of the beauty industry? It may not seem like it, but right now is the perfect time to start! With so many people facing uncertainties with unemployment, there is no better time to start on a path to a new career. The best part, you can complete…

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Career Dreams Series: Esthiology & Massage Therapy

The beauty and wellness industries are filled with exciting career opportunities. We started our Career Dreams Series to share them with you! From TV/ film to working with professional athletes, we bet there’s a career on this list that you’d enjoy.

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Featured Blogs: Career Dreams Series

Jan 06 2019

Updated January 2019!! The beauty and wellness industries can offer a variety of career opportunities to those who work hard, are passionate and are ready to put their heart into everything they do. Here you can find a short list and description of many of the Career Dream blogs that we have featured on our…

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Career Dreams: Film and Theater Hair Specialist

Nov 28 2018

Do you love when movies and plays are able to pull you into the world? That’s the magic that comes from the work behind the scenes. Find out how you can get involved in the entertainment industry by becoming a film and theater hair specialist!

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Career Dreams: Manicurist/Pedicurist

If you’re someone who loves working with nails, you should check out what it means to be a manicurist and pedicurist. Find out how your passion can be your career!

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Career Dreams: Sports Massage Therapist

Are you a sports fanatic? Do you love helping people feel their best? Read more to discover how this career can combine the best of both these worlds!

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Career Dreams: Salon Owner

Aug 09 2018

Are you excited by the idea of becoming the boss? Do you long for the day when you can work for yourself? Have you thought about getting your cosmetology license? Huh? It might not seem related right away, but getting a beauty license could be your first step toward a career as a business owner!…

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Career Dreams: Beauty Consultant

Jul 28 2018

Do your friends come to you for advice on what makeup to purchase, how to wear their hair or even what their next cut or color should be? Do you love helping your fam find and learn how to use the perfect contour palette? It sounds like you’re already informally a beauty consultant! Have you…

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Career Dreams: Beauty Blogger

Jun 25 2018

According to Statista, in the year 2016 beauty-related content generated more than 55 billion views on YouTube. With millions of users interacting with the platform every day, it seems to be the perfect place to step into the spotlight or even cast one for yourself. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming social media famous, a…

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Career Dreams: TV/Film Makeup Artist

May 18 2018

What is a TV/Film Makeup Artist? Movie monsters, glam styles on the silver screen and even familiar faces on your favorite reality TV show; these are all examples of work created by a makeup artist! TV and film makeup artists work behind the scenes to create the looks you’ve admired from your theater seats and…

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