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Category: Hair

How to Become a Barber

Mar 14 2022

Barbering is an exciting career path that can cater to both your creative side and your entrepreneurial spirit. Unlike cosmetologists who build a comprehensive background in hair, nail and skin care, barbers focus exclusively on hair care and styling, often with a specific mastery in short hairstyles. If you are passionate about helping others feel…

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Free Haircuts Given to Healthcare Workers | WATE-TV Knoxville

Feb 11 2022

Thursday and Friday, the Douglas J Aveda institute held a special event to give nurses, doctors – anyone who has been working in the healthcare industry during the pandemic, a free haircut and other services.  View the original story here

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My Bridal Stylist Career with DJ Grad Kim Nguyen

My Bridal Stylist Career with DJ Grad Kim Nguyen What path did you take? I have been a bridal hairstylist in the wedding industry since high school. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Loyola University Chicago, I worked in education while being a bridal stylist on the weekends. My love for the beauty…

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Work The Runway: Seven Tips To Achieve Success Behind The Curtain

Sep 17 2021

Dreaming of call sheets and first looks? We are, too. With New York Fashion Week quickly approaching, we have one thing on our minds: how to get backstage. Whether you are a burgeoning stylist or looking for a career change, there’s one thing that’s for sure—runway styling is for everyone. To find out what goes…

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Get Your Hair Ready for Prom with Douglas J Aveda!

Mar 16 2020

The most important night of the year is coming up! Check out some of our favorite hair colors, styles, and products to make sure your hair is prom ready from start to finish!

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5 Product Swaps to Make This Summer

Jun 14 2019

Ready to update your beauty stash for summer? Here are five swaps you should make for the hot weather!

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Easy Tips for Growing Out Hair

Jun 14 2019

Long, healthy, shiny hair is always beautiful. If you want to grow out your locks this summer, there are a few tips you can follow to make it a little easier. Learn more here!

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How to Maintain Your Hair Color During the Summer ☀️

Jun 03 2019

If you’ve spent money and time getting your hair colored, you need to take care of it! Here are some tips on maintaining hair color during the summer months.

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3 Trendy Hairstyles to Take Into 2019

Dec 26 2018

Want to do something new in 2019? Check out this blog post for three easy hairstyle how-to’s!

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11 Natural Hairstyles We Can’t Get Enough Of

Apr 10 2018

Natural hair is all the rage, and there’s no stopping this trend. We couldn’t be more excited to see ladies and gentlemen rocking their natural textures in a variety of ways. Here are eleven natural hairstyles we just can’t get enough of in 2018. How will you slay these looks? 1. Wavy, Edgy Mohawk Mohawks…

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