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Category: Seasonal

5 Product Swaps to Make This Summer

Oct 01 2022

Ready to update your beauty stash for summer? Here are five swaps you should make for the hot weather!

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How to Wear Makeup in the Summer

Sep 27 2022

Does wearing makeup in the summer make you feel gross? Is the sweat and sunscreen ruining your regularly glam style? You’re not alone! Your makeup regimen should change as the seasons do. It’s important to tailor your routine to your environment and your skin’s needs. Here’s all you need to know about wearing makeup in…

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Get Your Hair Ready for Prom with Douglas J Aveda!

Mar 16 2020

The most important night of the year is coming up! Check out some of our favorite hair colors, styles, and products to make sure your hair is prom ready from start to finish!

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Your Complete Guide to Enrolling in Beauty School

Dec 30 2019

Are you ready to start pursuing your beauty dreams by getting an education? Feel prepared and confident with our complete guide on how to enroll and let your journey begin!

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5 Products to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Winter

Nov 27 2019

Looking forward to those icy winds and chapped lips? Neither are we! We’ve picked our five favorite products to keep your skin hydrated and bright all winter long.

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2019’s Top Halloween Costumes & How You Can Wear Them to Work

Oct 16 2019

This blog was updated for 2019! Read below for the recap on 2019 Halloween costume trends. Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids, and as an adult, it doesn’t mean you have to wear something you’re uncomfortable with. With the holiday falling on a Thursday this year, many people are going to be going…

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7 Halloween Looks You Can Wear All Day

Sep 24 2019

As aspiring beauty professionals, there’s few holidays we look forward to more than Halloween. So here are some of our favorite all day wearable Halloween looks for this upcoming season.

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How to Maintain Your Hair Color During the Summer ☀️

Jun 03 2019

If you’ve spent money and time getting your hair colored, you need to take care of it! Here are some tips on maintaining hair color during the summer months.

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Our Top Favorite Styles from Coachella

May 15 2019

Coachella 2019 saw a lot of animal print, tie-dye and athleisure staples. Which was your favorite? Click here to find out!

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3 Reasons to Start Cosmetology School This Summer

Apr 22 2019

What are your plans after you graduate? Read our blog to find out three reasons why cosmetology school could be a great option for you this summer!

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