Cosmetology: A Career That Extends Beyond the Chair

Aug 16 2019

editorial stylist doing a model's hair
Many people believe that an education in hairstyling can only lead you to working behind the chair at a salon. This can be a great career for many cosmetologists, but it doesn’t have to be the goal for everyone in the field. Dreams of fashion show runways, stages and even working as a personal stylist fill the minds of many aspiring beauty professionals. Cosmetology is more than a career behind the chair. It can extend beyond that into different career paths. Here are a few ways cosmetology can break boundaries and go further than salon jobs!

A Variety of Careers

The world of beauty is vast! There is so much potential. Cosmetology is one license that incorporates several skills across several beauty educations. Cosmetologists learn all things hair but they also learn skin care, nail care and even makeup application. That means they can take their skill set and pursue careers in several different directions. Some potential careers include:

Adult recording herself with a makeup pallet

And these aren’t all the careers out there! Think again if you thought your beauty career was limited to the salon life! You could pursue a future working in exotic places, fast-paced environments and locations you’ve always dreamt of. Check out our Career Dreams series to learn more about some of these amazing opportunities!

Famous Faces

People in all different careers long for fame. That is not a far reach for many in the beauty industry. Famous hairstylists and makeup artists emerge all the time. Being well-known isn’t uncommon. They can make their own spotlight by becoming Insta-famous or trained with a highly-regarded industry leader. In fact, Douglas J Aveda Institute has our own set of alumni who have made a name for themselves. If you have always known you were meant to live the life of luxury and fame a beauty career might be perfect for you!

Barber evaluating clients hair

Changing Lives

Another common theme in cosmetology is the passion for changing lives and giving back. At Douglas J Aveda Institute we think connecting and contributing to our local communities is one of the most important things we can do with our students. We often task our students with finding creative ways to make a difference in the lives of others. That could mean organizing a charity event or cutting hair for veterans. It all makes a difference!

asian model on yellow background playing with short hair


Cosmetologists all over the world make an impact on the people they work with every day. You never know how a friendly conversation, a simple hair cut or a makeover can change the way someone views themselves. Cosmetology can help you help everyone else by helping people embrace their inner and outer beauty.

Making Your Mark

Innovation in the beauty industry can come from anywhere. Whether you seek to develop a new product, tool or technique, you don’t have to be a seasoned veteran to change the way the beauty world functions. You can make your mark by pioneering the next trend or being on the cutting edge of the latest haircutting style. It’s up to you. Cosmetology can challenge you and help you succeed in ways you never dreamed of and in ways other careers will never offer you.

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Where Will Your Career Take You?

If you want a career that goes beyond the status quo, contact Douglas J Aveda Institute! It could all start with an education. Our cosmetology program is offered at all six of our locations in Michigan, Tennessee and Illinois. We can’t wait to see where you’ll go.

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