How To Pay for Beauty School

Oct 06 2022

Girl in pink dress cheering with confettiWe get it – paying for school and figuring out how to apply for financial aid* can be intimidating! We wouldn’t want anyone who applies to a Douglas J Aveda Institute location to be confused about this part of starting a new education! We’ve got quality information on how to pay for school and your new education right here to make your secondary education experience a good one!

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

Invest In Yourself

The first thing to keep in mind when starting an education is that you’re investing money into your future. Spending money on a dream education you deserve shouldn’t be a difficult process. There are many ways that people pay for school, and while working many jobs or donating plasma is a way to do that, there could be a better option. Many people are unaware of how to apply for financial aid. But it’s a great way to focus on yourself and makes paying for school less of a hassle and lets you focus on what your education is about!

How to Apply for Financial Aid

The best way to apply for financial aid is through Federal Student Aid. They’ve got many different types of aid that you can apply for including grants, scholarships, loans, work benefits and more!

If you want to find out if you qualify for financial aid, it’s as easy as creating a new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) account and filling out the FAFSA® application. You’ll need to create an FSA ID and then list 10 schools to send your FAFSA to. Our school code for the list is 025882 for Michigan and Tennessee campuses and 041410 for the Illinois campus. We have even more detailed instructions on our website! To make things even easier you can even fill out the FAFSA® form on their mobile app!

Benefits of Financial Aid

There are different benefits to different types of financial aid you can apply for! If you receive pell grants or scholarships, you don’t have to repay the money back because it’s a gift from a private institution or the government. If you end up receiving subsidized or unsubsidized student loans, you can borrow money and then begin repaying it back six months after your schooling is finished. Douglas J Aveda Institute also offers Veterans Administration Education Benefits to those who qualify. There are so many options.

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With any financial aid that you choose to apply for if you qualify for student aid it can help reduce the stress of paying for secondary education. Taking a few minutes to sit down and fill out the form can change the course of your educational experience and lighten the financial burden you may have on your shoulders. Applying for financial aid can help you focus on your educational goals and make your journey through school a positive one

Douglas J Aveda Financial Aid Support

Luckily at Douglas J Aveda Institute, we have people who are here to help you through the financial aid process! We can create a financial plan for everyone and we’re ready to help turn your dreams into a future you’ll love.

Check out our list of frequently asked questions that may help you through your journey of applying for financial aid.

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Are You Prepared to Apply for Financial Aid?

If you’re ready to start your beauty education, we’ve got the ultimate guide to help get you started! Don’t let paying for school scare you from reaching and achieving your dream of attending beauty school! Contact Douglas J Aveda Institute for more information on how you can get started with financial aid today and learn more about beauty education.

See what a beauty education can do for you!

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