Easy Tips for Growing Out Hair

Jun 14 2019

Brunette woman on a beach wearing a floral swimsuit

If you’ve been thinking about growing out your hair for a while, summertime could be the perfect opportunity to do it. Long hair looks effortless and beachy. Some might even say it’s mermaid-like. The trick with lengthy, luscious locks is making sure your hair is healthy. Here are some simple tips you can follow!

Trim Your Hair

You’ve probably heard this tip about a dozen times. There’s a reason for that. Trimming your hair gets rid of split ends and damaged strands, which can encourage growth to happen faster. You don’t need to do this frequently, but you should try to get a healthy trim at least every three months.

Long dark hair being trimmed by a stylist

Lots of Conditioner, Less Shampoo

Hair needs those natural oils in order to grow long and strong, so avoid over-washing your hair. However, you should continue to use conditioner in between washes, as it usually contains moisturizing and strengthening ingredients that nourish the hair. If you’re coloring and heat styling your hair, it’s going to be prone to breakage. That means your strands will become shorter. Conditioner can help repair damage by sealing hair cuticles and replenishing necessary proteins.

bottle of aveda Damage Remedy conditioner.

Use Hair Masks

Give your hair some intense nourishment every now and then with a hair mask. Masks are like normal conditioner taken to the next level. Not only does it add moisture and shine, but deep conditioning also helps hair’s elasticity. Improved elasticity means less breakage, which can help your hair grow long and healthy. Hair masks/deep conditioners should be added to damp hair, not soaking wet hair, and left on for about 10 minutes. This gives the oils a chance to penetrate the strands fully.

bottle of aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque.

Get the Right Tools

Let’s start with the hairbrush. Choose something with natural bristles to help distribute the scalp’s natural oils throughout the hair. A boar bristle brush is a great option. Also, make sure you’re brushing gently to prevent breakage. When it comes to drying your hair, don’t wrap it up in a towel. Our hair is more fragile when it’s wet and the tough fibers in towels can cause it to break easily. Use an old T-shirt or microfiber hair towel instead, since these are made of gentler fabric. Finally, when you’re ready to hit the hay, opt for a silk or satin pillowcase. The soft material doesn’t create friction like normal cotton pillowcases. That means you’ll wake up with fewer tangles to worry about!

Aveda Paddle hair Brush.

Alternate Your Hairstyle

Are you a frequent ponytail or topknot wearer? Think about changing things up sometimes. The tension caused by pulling your hair up day in and day out can cause breakage. Especially if you place your style in the same place on your head every day. Try changing the height of your pony every now and then or just wear your hair down when possible. It’ll help prevent damage and give you some diversity in your style!

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Schedule Your Trim

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