Essential Back-to-School Products to Pack in Your Bag

Close-up of a woman standing outside with a black purse on her arm

Starting beauty school this fall? To make sure you’re prepared and refreshed at all times, there are some essential products to take along with you. Here are five Aveda products we suggest you pack in your beauty school bag!

Facial Spray

In rain, snow, or sun, everyone needs a little bit of a refresh throughout their day! Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics™ Toning Mist helps hydrate and balance the skin while also preventing excess oil build-up. It also has a gorgeous floral aroma from rose extract. You can spray it on throughout the day for a quick and easy dose of hydration. It also creates a fresh, dewy look on top of any makeup look!

bottle of aveda Botanical Kinetics™Toning Mist

Lip Balm

Everyone needs healthy, nourished lips, (especially beauty lovers who are constantly experimenting with new lipsticks) so carrying around lip balm is a no-brainer. For an extra soothing option, try Aveda’s Lip Saver™ balm! It moisturizes lips using naturally derived waxes, cinnamon leaf, clove, and anise oils. Whether you’re wearing it on its own or under a lip product, a great lip balm can keep those lips juicy and healthy day in and day out.

tube of aveda Lip Saver™ lip balm

Hand Cream

From washing guests hair to making sure your hands are clean, your hands spend a lot of time underwater as a beauty school student. Make sure you’re taking care of your skin throughout the day by applying hand cream. Our Hand Relief™ Moisturizing Creme is a rich formulation of andiroba oil, orange, lavandin, eucalyptus and other plant-based hydrators. This hand cream is also free of parabens, animal-based ingredients and synthetic fragrances, so you’re getting a product that’s good for you and for the environment.

bottle of aveda Hand Relief™ Moisturizing Creme

Dry Shampoo

Where would we be without dry shampoo? It’s great for that four-day hair situation, sure, but it’s also a fantastic way to add volume and texture to fine, limp locks! Spray it on as needed for instant volume and freshness throughout the day. If you want to absorb oil and add texture in a natural way, check out Aveda’s best-selling Shampure™ Dry Shampoo! This popular product is made with pure flower and plant essences like organic lavender and ylang-ylang.

bottle of aveda Shampure™ Dry Shampoo

Mobile Aromatherapy

Being a beauty school student is exciting, but it can get busy and sometimes even a little stressful. That’s when Aveda’s Stress-Fix™ Concentrate comes to the rescue! This handy rollerball is easily transported and can be quickly applied anytime you start to feel tense. Formulated with essential oils, organic lavender, lavandin and clary sage, Stress-Fix™ is like an aromatherapy treatment in a rollerball. Rub it on to your temples or the back of your wrists and take a deep breath– you got this!

tube of aveda Stress-Fix™ Concentrate

Choose Our School!

If you’re interested in attending beauty school, you aren’t limited to “back-to-school” season! Contact Douglas J Aveda Institute to learn about class start dates, enrollment, scheduling and much more. Come learn how to work with Aveda products, perform in-demand treatments and create the latest trends!