Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetology

Jan 24 2020

Take a look into what it would be like to get involved in the beauty industry. The world of cosmetology has so many options available to those who are passionate and work hard to achieve their dreams. See why an education in cosmetology with Douglas J Aveda Institute could fulfill your life.

10 Things Cosmetologists Know Too Well

If you think you know everything about being a cosmetologist, think again. The job comes with some unique scenarios and situations you may have never thought you’d encounter. Here are 10 situations that cosmetologists run into and know all too well. The best part about them is they’re the easiest situations to LOL at.

girl doing another woman's hair

New Growth in the Cosmetology Industry

There couldn’t be a better time to start in the world of cosmetology if you’ve ever considered a future career in the beauty industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Cosmetology is one of the fastest-growing industries. There are opportunities far and wide that continue to grow for people with a cosmetology license.

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Does a Cosmetologist Have To Work in a Salon?

Have you ever wondered where someone with a cosmetology license can work and if they can only work in salons? Working in a salon is a popular and viable option for a lot of people but there are more places to work with a license than just behind a chair. Check out the other options available that you may never have guessed were possible.

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Ten Outside-the-Box Jobs You Can Pursue With a Cosmetology License

Glassdoor listed hairstyling as a job that can’t be replaced by robots. There are so many things you can do if you hold a cosmetology license. Every cosmetology graduate has a path that works for their life, but if you’re looking for some outside-the-box jobs that you can try then we have some options for you!

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Seven Reasons Why Aveda Institute Grads Have an Advantage

Every beauty school has different requirements depending on the state they are located in. But some of the things they are required to prepare students to sit for the state licensing exam are foundational haircuts, color, and chemical processes. Douglas J Aveda Institutes want every student to succeed and go above and beyond the minimum. Check it out!

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Land Your Dream Job

One of the benefits of having an Aveda education is the amount of exposure to different employers. Aveda has some of the most respected salons and spas around. Each year, Salon Today Magazine names its “Top 200 Salons” in the U.S. and more than half the companies on that list are affiliated with Aveda. And guess who they’re most likely to hire? You guessed it: Aveda Institute grads!
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Are You Ready for Beauty School?

Are you ready to start an education to fulfill your dreams and passions related to beauty? If you’re prepared to learn more take this quiz and see if you’re ready to send in an application!
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Take the Next Steps Today!

If you’re ready to start progressing toward your future in beauty call our admissions office to tour a location nearest you. We have a helpful and friendly staff that is waiting to show you the quality of education and experience you can enjoy at Douglas J Aveda Institute. We’re excited to meet you and help you get started on your path to learning everything you need to know about cosmetology!