Everything You Need To Know About Massage Therapy

Feb 27 2020

Massage therapy can be a great option if you love learning about physiology, skin treatments and overall health and wellness skills. At Douglas J Aveda Institute, we believe that massage therapy should be more than just an in and out service. Here are some exciting careers in massage that you may not have thought about!

Esthetics and Massage Therapy: A Match Made in Heaven

With all of the career choices out there, it’s not easy to pick one thing. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to! You can combine massage therapy and esthiology and incorporate both of those passions into your daily job! Working in the health and wellness industry can be a beneficial career for many reasons! Find out what those benefits are, and why esthiology and massage therapy can go hand-in-hand.

esthetics and massage therapy

Career Dreams: Prenatal Massage Therapist

Did you know that you could become a prenatal massage therapist? Massage therapy can offer several benefits to women who are pregnant. Pregnancy often comes with sore muscles and a lot of aches and pains that you could help with. Here are some of the techniques and skills you can learn as a prenatal massage therapist!

Career Dreams: Sports Massage Therapist

Football, basketball, tennis and any sport have one thing in common– the athletes can all benefit from a massage therapist! A sports massage therapist helps athletes who have sore or injured muscles. If you love cheering on your team and being front row to games, you should consider being a sports massage therapist! Find out how you can become one and what kind of skills you can learn in the program.

Career Dream Series: Esthiology & Massage Therapy

A prenatal massage therapist and a sports massage therapist are just two of the career choices you could have with a massage license. We want to help you find your future career! See if you are passionate about one of the careers we have listed in our Career Dream Series.

Esthiology & Massage therapy career dreams

How a Hand Massage Can Bring Positive Change (Why We Do Aveda Rituals)

Connecting beauty with well-being and the environment is something Douglas J envisioned for Aveda. Aveda is founded on Ayurveda which is the traditional Hindu system of medicine based on balance in body and mind. We perform rituals throughout all Aveda Salons based on our knowledge of Ayurveda which has become part of our culture. Learn more about Ayurveda and what these rituals are!

Someone getting a hand massage

Get a Dual License in Massage and Esthiology

Do you want to know what kind of services someone with an esthiology and massage license can offer? A good example of this is someone who wants to get a deep tissue massage and a facial on the same day. Instead of that guest going to two places, you could offer both services. This could expand your clientele if you get your license in both areas of the beauty and wellness industry.

Woman receiving a massage.

Who Is Massage Therapy School For?

Douglas J Aveda Institute has a massage therapy program that can teach you about physiology, spa treatments and massage techniques. If you are considering going into massage therapy, read our blog and find out if you are a good fit! We’ve answered some questions about the lifestyle, the atmosphere and what skills you can learn in our program.

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Create Your Own Massage Therapy Dream

Now that you have a taste of what a career in massage therapy is like, what are you waiting for? Douglas J Aveda Institute can educate you on the proper techniques, give you in salon experience, and prepare you for your future. Contact us to start your dream!