Featured Blogs: Career Dreams Series

Jan 06 2019

graphic reading "Cosmetology Career Dreams" with a woman applying makeup to another woman's face

Updated January 2019!!

The beauty and wellness industries can offer a variety of career opportunities to those who work hard, are passionate and are ready to put their heart into everything they do. Here you can find a short list and description of many of the Career Dream blogs that we have featured on our blog! Click on the career that most interests you to learn more about where that job can take you.

Editorial Hairstylist

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Do you dream of seeing your work featured on the covers of magazines, on billboards or even on the runway? If you are a good team player, can work in high-pressure situations and love the pride of seeing your work in flashing lights, this career might be for you! Take a look at the job responsibilities and requirements here!

Children’s Hairstylist

graphic reading "career dreams children's stylist" with a woman styling a child's hair

Great children’s hairstylists are patient and kind. If you enjoy working with kids but want a career that’s creative and hands on, check out this career! Kids can be rays of sunshine and energy or crying little messes. Are you up to the challenge? This career might look like a walk in in the park, but don’t let it fool you! Only the most patient can master this career. Read more about it here!

Color Specialist

graphic reading "career dreams color specialist" with a blonde haired woman wearing a pink sweater

Do you rock unicorn hair? Are you always on the cutting edge of fashion and beauty? Does a career working with others sound like fun to you? You should consider becoming a colorist! Color specialists, or colorists, are cosmetologists who specialized their skills in color application, chemical processes and color formulation. Click here to read more about colorists and where they work!

Film and Theater Hair Specialist

graphic reading "career dreams film and theater hair specialist" with a dark haired woman looking down and wearing a headband

When you’re watching a film or theater production, do you find yourself drawn to the hair-do’s on the actors and actresses? Whether you are wondering how their hair stays put or wanting to learn how to do certain styles, this could be a great career choice for you! There is more to being a film and theater hair specialist than you might think. Take a look at the qualifications and responsibilities of this career here!

Manicurist/ Pedicurist

graphic reading "Career Dreams Manicurist/ Pedicurist" with a blonde woman holding nail samples

Naked nails? Not ever. Are you always coming up with trendy designs and getting complimented on your nails everywhere you go? Have you considered making a career out of your love for nails? Nail girls make great manicurists and pedicurists! Read about the job and skills you’ll need to get it, here!

Salon Owner

graphic reading "Career Dreams Salon Owner" with a smiling blonde woman

How would you like to be the boss? Run your business, hire employees and make sure the whole operation runs smoothly. How would you like to own your own salon? Sure, it’s a lot of work… but it’s also worth it! We’re filling you in on what it takes to be a salon owner. Read about it here!

Beauty Blogger

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We follow them, we watch their videos and read their blogs. Have you thought about becoming a beauty blogger? Maybe the one thing holding you back is everyone’s main question, how do they make money? We’re giving you all the beautiful details of this career. Read about the beauty blogger lifestyle and livelihood here!

Start On the Path to Your Dream Career!

There are so many beautiful careers to aspire to! A cosmetology education can be the first step you take to get the career of your dreams. Once you’ve found your career inspo here, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Keep checking back here to get the latest Career Dreams feature!