How Long is Barbering School?

Apr 16 2024

Are you ready to unlock your passion for creativity in the world of Barbering? Barbering programs are traditionally known for their emphasis on short hair cuts for men and women such as hair styling, shaving, and trimming. Unlike our cosmetology program, this specialty program focuses entirely on hairstyling and care, instead of a more rounded education in hair, skin and nails. Barbering goes into greater depth about short hairstyles, as well as facial hair grooming and trimming. Straight razor shaving is also often covered! 


Barbering is excellent for people who want to specialize in facial grooming and short haircuts. The education at Douglas J School of Barbering in East Lansing and Douglas J Aveda Institute Knoxville are focused on providing everything a future barber needs to keep up with the trends and create looks guests love. 

Complete your barbering education at Douglas J School of Barbering in East Lansing, Michigan in a little over 12 months! Our full-time 1,800-hour program covers everything from short hairstyles to stellar customer service techniques, while meeting Michigan’s state requirements!

While at Douglas J Aveda Institute Knoxville, our barbering program requires only 1,500 hours, so you can start doing what you love sooner, while meeting Tennessee’s state requirements!

No matter what your background is, you can feel confident in the support and encouragement you’ll find from our professionals at Douglas J School of Barbering in East Lansing or Douglas J Aveda Institute Knoville. Ready to learn more about starting your barbering education?

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