How Old is Too Old for Beauty School?

Jul 25 2018

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Have you considered pursuing a future in beauty but have shied away from beauty school because you feel you’re “too old” or “won’t fit in”? Douglas J Aveda Institute is here to tell you that you don’t have to be afraid! No one is too old or not right for beauty school. If you have a passion for what you do and are excited about all the possibilities it can bring, get started! In fact, we’re going to share a secret with you: if you’ve got a little wisdom in the ways of the world, going to school might be easier for you than some younger folks!

Here are five ways your life experience can make your educational route easier, more organized and less stressful!

1. You Know Time Management

Time management is something you learn in high school and then master as an adult with a more demanding job. As someone who has gone through various schooling, jobs and other obligations that require you to use your time wisely, keeping to a schedule at beauty school is a piece of cake for more experienced adults.

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Sometimes when you come straight out of high school it can be tough to remember that tardies aren’t always forgiven with a note from your mom, a pleading smile or some time spent in detention after school. While recent grads have their fair share of energy to get things done, they can be a bit hair-brained. Seasoned adults know how to keep things on schedule.

2. You Can Keep School and Home Organized

Something you learn as you grow older is that home life and work life should remain separate. You can only learn this lesson through having a job, or jobs, and a few years in the workforce. As a beauty school student, you can take all of the lessons you’ve learned throughout your time in the workplace and apply them to your education. You’ll need your home life and educational life to be organized and separate from each other. Sometimes things get hectic, and life can throw you curveballs. Don’t let life’s roadblocks prevent you from pursuing a future you’ve always dreamed of! Keeping your personal and educational life separate will help you stay focused. This creates a less stressful learning environment for you and everyone around you.

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3. You Can Be a Leader to Those Around You

With age comes responsibility, maturity and wisdom. These are all things that your personality exudes. Many younger students are eager to find someone they can look up to for guidance. While many of our instructors serve as teaching mentors, but it can be comforting to look to a peer and feel inspired by someone who is learning with you.

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4. You Can Bring New Experiences to the Classroom

Whether you’re doing hair, makeup, skin care or providing massage therapy treatments, you’ll need to know how to work with people and make them feel happy! As someone with more life experience working with others, you can bring these skills to the table and use them in beauty school. At Douglas J Aveda Institute, our students get to put their skills to the test by practicing in our student salon*. Here you can use your finely tuned people skills to help build your book of business while you’re still a student.

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5. You Know How to Get Stuff Done

You’ve been around the block a time or two. You know what jobs and other professional obligations, like school, demand of you. You don’t need to be taught how to use a planner, you invented the planner. You know how to put your head down and get things done! You’re made for this. You’ve got this. Go out and conquer!
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Take a Leap of Faith at Douglas J Aveda Institute

You can do this. Beauty school is where you were meant to be. Contact one of our six institutes to learn more about our cosmetology, esthiology and massage therapy programs!

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*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.