How to Find the Best Esthetician School in Tennessee

Sep 30 2018

esthetician applying a facial treatment to a client
You know that you’re passionate about skin care. You know that you want a future in the beauty industry. You know that you want to get the best education you can in order to have that future you’re dreaming of. That means you’ll need to find an esthetics school that provides an education that helps you prepare to become licensed. Here’s what you need to look for in an esthetician school in Tennessee:

  • Offers a program that fits your wants/needs.
  • Offers schedules that fit your lifestyle.
  • Offers well-established student services.
  • Has a culture that fits your personality.
  • Has great reviews and a strong alumni network.

What Does It Mean to Be the Best?

Being the best beauty school is relative. The best beauty school is going to be the one that best fits your needs, wants, personality and goals. That’s why it’s important to do your research and seek out an institution that you think will help make your educational experience the best it can be!

Programs That Fit Your Wants and Needs

Depending on what you want out of your education, your needs and demands will change. When you’re exploring schools, check out their esthetics program. Depending on the school, the program may be referred to as the esthetics or esthetician program, the skin care program or esthiology (that’s what we call ours here at Douglas J Aveda Institutes).

In the state of Tennessee, the program needs to provide at least 750 training hours. You’ll want to look for a school that can provide those to you. In addition to that, you’ll want to look for a school that provides the type of training you’re looking for. Many schools start you out learning theory, then you’ll make the transition to practical application. This may include working with mannequins at first, but eventually you’ll want to be able to provide services to the public in a spa-like environment.

Take a tour of the school you’re interested in. Ask questions about the curriculum and learning timeline.

  • What will I learn first?
  • Is there a hands-on portion in addition to a classroom portion?
  • When can I expect to start working with guests?
  • What will be expected of me as I move onto providing services?

Brand-Affiliated Curriculums

Something you may come across in your research are schools that are affiliated with a brand. It’s easy to figure out which brand we are affiliated with (Douglas J Aveda Institutes), but what does that mean for your education?

We can’t speak for other schools, but when you pursue an Aveda education, you get something unique. We teach using Aveda products, which are known for their ingredients, brand mission and, of course, their aroma. It’s important for you to explore and understand the products you’ll be using while you learn. If you are interested in working with a brand that is cruelty free and on a mission to give back to the planet, stop by one of our locations! If you don’t like or agree with the ethics of a brand, you likely won’t enjoy learning their curriculum or working with their products.

Do you know how long it takes to complete an Aveda education? Click here to find out.

Schedules That Fit Your Lifestyle

Your education should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Look for a program that works with whatever obligations you have like a job or a family. At Douglas J Aveda Institutes, we offer a program that can be completed in as little as 22 weeks! That means, in under a year, you could be on your way toward a career in skin care.

Consider how much time you’ll be spending at school per week and how that totals out over a few months. Will you be able to finish your education on a timeline that works for you? Always ask this question when you are exploring schools.

douglas j alumni walking down the street

Established Student Services

These may seem like extra details to some, but we encourage you to look at schools that offer the little things to their students. Do any of the schools on your list offer:

  • Job placement assistance?
  • Learning resources?
  • Housing resources?
  • Resume/interviewing resources?
  • An alumni network?

If they don’t, you’ll want to explore what they do have. Schools that provide student resources are often more dedicated to their students’ success after they graduate. A school that puts in the time is likely to be more supportive throughout your educational experience.

Job Placement Assistance

Schools that offer job placement assistance (like the Douglas J Aveda Institutes) don’t guarantee employment, but they can help you look out for open opportunities. Many schools have established relationships with local businesses, which means that they may be willing to put in a good word for you and help you apply.

Learning Resources

A part of becoming a licensed esthetician is taking the state board examination. Does the school of your choice have resources for you to use when it comes time to study for the big test? Some schools offer test prep in a variety of ways. You’ll want to make sure that the prep they offer will help you feel confident in taking your exam.

Housing Resources

Let’s say you’re willing to relocate to enroll in the school of your dreams, can they help you find a place to live? Some schools may be able to tell you that, “There are plenty of housing options in the area”, but can they give you suggestions and help you look over your options?

Resume & Interviewing Resources

Not everyone is born with the ability to write a shining resume and interview like a pro. That’s why finding a school that can help you fine-tune those skills is helpful. Take the time to ask the school of your choice if they have a dedicated team to job placement and interview prep. Look for a career mentor.

Alumni Network

The alumni network of a school is almost as important as the student network. Alumni are great resources for information on schooling, finding a job, going to competitions and overall career advice!

Because we are an Aveda school, once you become a graduate you enter the Aveda alumni network. There are hundreds of professionals all over the world who are passionate about their work, just like you! Locally, the Douglas J Aveda Institutes have their own alumni networks in place.

three women wearing denim hugging and holding flowers

A Culture Match

We challenge you to this: book a tour at each school on your list. Then, walk into the doors and just take it all in. What does it sound like? Feel like? Is this a place where you can dedicate hours of learning and growing? Is this a place you want to be for a few months?

As soon as you get going on your tour, you’re likely to know whether or not the campus is a fit for you. Observe the way your tour guide takes you on your journey, peer into the lives of students who are already there, take in the atmosphere. There’s no replacing the feeling of being at home.

At Douglas J Aveda Institutes, we pride ourselves on our established and inclusive culture. We are proud Aveda schools, which plays a big part in who we are, but we are also proud local campuses. We have six locations across three states, and while the Douglas J family message rings clear and true through all of the halls, we know that being a part of our communities plays a big part in our students’ experiences.

Great Reviews

Seriously, just Google the schools of your choice. Read the reviews left by not only students but guests, too. What are people in the surrounding area saying about their experiences? The guest experiences reflect the educational level of the students. The way people talk about businesses is the way people promote (or put down) the institution, and you want to attend a school where an overwhelming majority of experiences are good. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant with a one-star rating would you? That’s a trivial experience compared to an education!

Finding Your Home in Tennessee

If you’ve done your research and are looking to book your tour with an esthetician school in Tennessee, come on in and see us at our Knoxville location! Our team would be happy to answer any questions you have about enrolling at our school. We want to make sure we’re a match made in heaven, just like you do!