How to Style Textured Hair is Part of our Curriculum

Nov 03 2022

Styling Textured Hair is Part of Our Curriculum

Too often, education surrounding the styling and coloring of textured hair is lacking in the curriculum of beauty school programs. Aveda has always recognized the need for improvements to our curriculum that placed more of an emphasis on being able to beautifully cut, style, color and treat all types of textured hair for both men and women. In fact, back in 2019 Aveda created its first-ever Texture Team with the intent to revamp the texture curriculum in its Institutes and highlight its texture artists. 

Today, when students enroll in our cosmetology school, they will notice an emphasis on caring for all types of hair and will see the following included in their education:

  • Comprehensive curriculum that covers style, cut and color is now a prerequisite e-learning section. 
  • Textured mannequins provided in course kits when students start, along with certified texture coaches on every campus for consultations.
  • Learning how to differentiate types of textured hair, how they cared for differently and which products provide the best results for individuals with textured hair.
  • A cleanse chart that educates students as to how often guests with textured hair should cleanse and which products are best to use based on individual hair types and patterns.
  • Learning to color without straightening through the Texture Color series
  • A heavy emphasis on learning the correct terminology to consult with their clients. This portion of the curriculum is known as developing “soft skills” and is considered of utmost importance. Being able to discuss styles and products in a way that does not make our guests feel like their hair is a chore or challenge helps establish trust and instills confidence in both stylist and client. 

Douglas J is committed to providing expert service to any client that walks into one of our salons, and that starts with educating and empowering our stylists to be able to beautifully style, cut and color any hair type. Get in touch for more information or schedule a tour if you’re interested in becoming an expert in all types of hair care.