How to Wear Makeup in the Summer

Sep 27 2022

blonde woman with beautiful summer makeup

Does wearing makeup in the summer make you feel gross? Is the sweat and sunscreen ruining your regularly glam style? You’re not alone! Your makeup regimen should change as the seasons do. It’s important to tailor your routine to your environment and your skin’s needs. Here’s all you need to know about wearing makeup in the summer!


Always protect your skin from the sun. The sun can cause permanent damage and discoloration, and skin cancer is a real threat. Sun Protection Factor, or SPF comes in the form of primers, moisturizers and stand-alone products. Find what works for you, but NEVER go without! If you’re getting any treatments for skin conditions such as acne, it’s extra important that you utilize SPF, as some treatments may react poorly with sun exposure.

Product Swap

Instead of a heavy, thick foundation, try a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Foundation won’t let your skin breathe, and it can cause you to feel hot and sticky. The fewer layers on your face, the better. This is a great tip for every day makeup, but it’s especially important for beach days and pool side evenings.

brunette woman with hair in a ponytail and light reflecting on her face

Bronze Yourself

Skip tanning outside and tanning beds and opt for powdered bronzers. Again, the sun can cause real damage very quickly, and the best way to preserve your skin for the years to come is to keep your skin protected. Create your own bronzed-goddess look with makeup instead! Your skin will thank you.

Blotting Papers Are Your New BFF

Oily skin can cause exceptional problems when wearing makeup in the sun. Keep blotting papers on you at all times to remove excess oil off your face. This will also help your BB cream or moisturizer stay where it should and prevent separation of the makeup on your face.

Keep It Clean

Wash your face twice a day, morning and night. Never sleep with your makeup on. Keep your face clean as much as possible. The fresh faced makeup look is trendy right now, so don’t be afraid to embrace going bare-faced some times! Just don’t forget your sunblock.

Go Light

Skip heavy contouring, liner and eye makeup. Opt for gently blushed cheeks on top of lightweight foundation. Don’t be afraid to embrace mascara and highlighter! The more makeup you layer on, the more likely it is to slide off if you find yourself with A/C for a while. Always seal your makeup with a finishing spray to keep your face in tact.

Treat Yo’Self


Come in and treat your skin to a facial. If you’ve been getting facials routinely for a while, don’t give them up! Consistently taking care of your skin will help it stay balanced. This also gives you scheduled time to speak with your esthetician about all your skin care questions. You can book a facial at any of our institute student salons*.

What Are Your Summer Makeup Tips?

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