Is Cosmetology a Job for the Future?

Aug 21 2017

Aveda student hugging guest

Imagine: a world out of a sci-fi movie, with new technology and artificial intelligence all around you. The boring day to day tasks are being done by robots, and we’re becoming more efficient as a society.

As utopian as this might sound, some might not realize how this kind of automation and technology affects the job market. Jobs like waitressing, tech support and even jobs in retail, are being taken over by robots, but don’t worry. Not all hope is lost.

Glassdoor released a list of jobs that could never be replaced by robots, including CEOs, police officers and registered nurses, but of course the most important one on the list to us was cosmetologist.

We believe Glassdoor has it right. Robots won’t be replacing hairstylists, makeup artists or skincare professionals anytime soon, and here are five reasons why we think so.

1. It’s About People

Fact: when you work as a hairstylist, skincare specialist or makeup artist, you will be working with people. For many, this is one large draw to entering the field. There’s something cold and off-putting about robots, and that just won’t work in cosmetology.

Those who pursue this beautiful industry are often described as bubbly, outgoing and full of passion! Who can say that about a robot?

Customer Service

Imagine: you’re greeted at the front desk at your favorite salon by a robot, taken back to the chair by a robot, and have your services completed by a robot. Does this experience scream “personal” or “one on one” to you?

Many people find it frustrating calling a company with a problem and being forced to speak with a robot, can you imagine if a majority of your daily interactions were with them? In any industry, speaking to a human makes the customer service feel more rewarding and caring, and cosmetology is no exception.

Human Connection

One of the greatest rewards of being a hairdresser includes the connections you make. Many guests wind up being great friends, and the stories you hear from people in your chair will stay with you throughout your career. Nothing can replace a warm laugh, a bright smile or even an excited hug when you change the way someone feels about themselves.

2. Artistic Differences

Hair design, hair coloring, hairstyling, makeup application and more! All of these services require an eye for art. Without a human involved, a unique perspective can’t be taken. Robots require programming, which means whoever is programming it gets to decide the creative steps it will take, and that results in the same boring haircut for almost every guest, and no one wants to feel like just another face in the mirror.

3. Constant Change

The beauty industry is fast-paced and fun! New styles are popping up almost monthly, and seasonal trends keep us on our toes. Cosmetologists are presented with the opportunity to learn more services and techniques based on need, want or even just interest. If you had to wait for your robo-stylist to get their newest software update to get the hottest looks, you’d could be waiting weeks or months!

4. Retail Sales

It is common for stylists and the like to offer retail products to help their guests maintain the results they’ve provided. Can you imagine being sold shampoo by a robot?

It seems as though it would be easy for a robot to serve up the same answers no matter what. A talented beauty professional can advise you on products that will be good for your hair or skin by type and what your goals are.


Part of being a cosmetologist is helping your guests pick the right products. Consulting with clients is key to keep them coming back. Offering advice not only provides the client with products to keep their hair or skin feeling healthy, but it also builds a level of trust. As a stylist, you’d be associated with feeling beautiful!

5. Marketing

Part of being an independent beauty pro is marketing yourself well. This includes word of mouth as well as digital. Social media platforms are basically free places to advertise your work, and it takes a person to take pictures, post and interact with an audience. Robots don’t run Instagram accounts.

Want a Career You Can See in the Future?

Being a Cosmetologist doesn’t just mean working in a salon. Cosmetologists are needed all around the world, and there are many opportunities for you in several different fields. Douglas J Aveda Institute offers Cosmetology programs at several convenient locations in Michigan, Tennessee and Illinois. To find out how you can start your education for a career in cosmetology, contact us today!