Is Cosmetology a Job for the Future?

Oct 07 2019

Aveda student hugging guest

[Updated 2019]

Imagine: a world out of a sci-fi movie, with new technology and artificial intelligence all around you. The boring day to day tasks are done by robots, and we’re becoming more efficient as a society.

As technology advances at a faster rate than ever before, the future for some professions looks uncertain. Before investing in education or training needed for a particular job, you may want to make sure it’s something that you can turn into a lifelong career.

What about a career in cosmetology? Will there be a future for cosmetologists in the world? Or will technology and DIY tutorials take over in a way that makes cosmetologists obsolete? In a world of uncertainty, we think successful lifelong careers in cosmetology are here to stay!

Glassdoor released a list of jobs that could never be replaced by robots, including CEOs, police officers and registered nurses, but of course to us, the most important one on the list is cosmetologist.

We don’t think robots will t be replacing hairstylists, makeup artists or skincare professionals anytime soon, and here are five reasons why.

1. It’s About People

When you work as a hairstylist, skincare specialist or makeup artist, you will be working with many people from your coworkers to your clients. For many, this may be one of the largest draws to entering the field. We believe that many people who are interested in the beauty industry are looking to make an impact in the lives of others. We don’t think that robots could ever replace the personal touch that cosmetologists are able to provide their clients.

Two girls standing by a wall and laughing

Those who pursue this beautiful industry are often described as bubbly, outgoing and full of passion! Who can say that about a robot?

Human Connection

One of the greatest rewards of being a hairdresser can be the connections you make. We have seen guests wind up being great friends with their stylist, and the stories you hear from people in your chair can stay with you throughout your career. Nothing can replace a warm laugh, a bright smile or even an excited hug when you change the way someone feels about themselves.

2. Artistic Touch

Hair design, hair coloring, hairstyling, makeup application and more! All of these services require an eye for art. Robots can be programmed to do many amazing things, but they fall short every time when it comes to creativity. Human cosmetologists can bring a unique perspective that cannot be replaced by technology.

Lady holding a bowl of hair dye

3. Constant Change

The beauty industry is fast-paced and fun! New styles are popping up almost monthly, and seasonal trends keep us on our toes. As these new styles emerge, cosmetologists can learn new techniques they can perfect and offer to their clients. If you had to wait for your robo-stylist to get the newest software update for the newest look, the style would already be outdated by the time they’d have it down!

Back of woman's hair

4. Consultation

Part of being a cosmetologist is helping your guests pick the right products, style, and more through consultation. We think that clients who feel like they receive good feedback from their hairstylist are more likely to come back. Offering advice not only provides the client with products to keep their hair or skin feeling healthy, but it also builds a level of trust. As a stylist, you could be associated with feeling beautiful!

woman washing another woman's hair in a salon

It would be easy for a robot to serve up the same generic answers no matter what. A talented beauty professional can advise on products that will be good for your hair or skin.

5. Trend Setters

Part of being an independent beauty pro is pioneering new trends in beauty. Through social platforms such as Instagram Facebook and YouTube, you can not only market yourself to new clients, but become a thought leader in the beauty industry as well.

Girl walking down the street

While we may see some amount of automation on social media and other marketing platforms, people can tell when they are interacting with real authentic people. Robots will likely never be able to move the world of beauty forward through social media like cosmetologists do now.

Is Cosmetology In Your Future?

If you’re interested in a career that’s here to stay, cosmetology might be the right path for you. Being a cosmetologist doesn’t just mean working in a salon. Cosmetologists are needed all around the world, and there are many opportunities for you in several different fields. Douglas J Aveda Institute offers cosmetology programs at several convenient locations in Michigan, Tennessee and Illinois. To find out how you can start your education for a career in cosmetology, contact us today!