Katlyn’s Visit to Douglas J Aveda Institute

Mar 27 2019

woman doing girl's hair

At Douglas J Aveda Institute, we are always looking for ways to give back to our community. Our Grand Rapids location was lucky enough to participate in the Forever Home series, a continuing effort to spotlight children in Michigan’s foster care system. This worthy cause is committed to making sure that these kids can find a forever home they deserve. We are so grateful that through them our students and staff were able to meet the beautiful and talented Katlyn. Our stylists were able to give her some beauty advice and in return we got to hear more about her and her amazing personality. Read more to hear about our time with Katlyn.

A Budding Sense of Style

At 14 years old, Katlyn is just discovering her sense of fashion. Our stylists were able to help her unique style blossom by teaching her about some hair and makeup techniques. Telling her what shampoo they were using on her and why it was beneficial for her hair was just one beauty tip that Katlyn and our stylists were able to bond over. Seeing how Katlyn lit up while getting the pampering she deserves was another reminder to us why we love what we do!

A Creative Personality

Everyone knows that beauty takes a lot of creativity and that is something that Katlyn has an abundance of. Not only was she excited to learn more about the beauty industry but Katlyn also told our stylists how she’s already using her creativity in her everyday life. Katlyn loves learning something new, whether that’s something from her math and science classes at school or learning how to play a new instrument. We can’t help but admire her love of trying something new and our stylists were so excited to hear all about her experiences while they did her hair.

We loved finding out more about Katlyn and her determination to go after what she wants. She told us her dream of becoming a singer and the many instruments she’s learning to help that dream become a reality. The violin, guitar and drums are just a few of the instruments she enjoys creating music with. In addition to all the musical instruments she plays, Katlyn is also interested in playing sports and she currently plays for a volleyball team. We felt so honored to hear more about this amazing young woman and we are so inspired by what she’s accomplished so far.

Inspired by Katlyn?

Were you just as amazed with Katlyn as we were? If you want to get involved and meet amazing individuals like Katlyn, then you should check out our cosmetology program. Here, you’ll be able to combine your passions of beauty and creativity with helping others feel good. Contact us if you have any questions about our programs or how you can start your journey in cosmetology.