Looking Back at 2019 Trends

Jan 16 2020

2019 was filled with eye-catching hairstyles. At Douglas J Aveda our students replicated some of these trendy hairstyles. The balayage was a style that has been around for an entire decade! Other trends included getting blunt haircuts and rocking vibrant shades of mahogany. This past year brought back a lot of oldies with bangs from the ‘60s and hair accessories from the ‘90s. We loved seeing a little blast from the past in 2019!

Which of these five hair trends do you think will continue into 2020?

1. Soft Blonde Balayage

Over the years, hairstylists have been able to perfect the balayage, making it one of the most popular hairstyles of the decade. It’s crazy that a hairstyle could stay popular for a whole decade! This is a perfect way to keep those beautiful natural roots, while spicing up the rest of your hair. Growing out your natural roots means that you don’t have to get your hair colored as much, which is why it became such a popular look. If you’re looking for a way to save money and look stunning, try the balayage.

We loved seeing this look in action from Douglas J Aveda Institute Ann Arbor student Paige Sanderson @psuzanne.beauty.

2. Chic Bobs

The best way to describe the bob cut is to imagine cutting a straight line across the bottom of someone’s hair to leave a thick flawless edge. The bob look is bold, blunt and often paired with a platinum blonde. Want a look that’s classy and powerful? The edgy bob might be perfect for you. People everywhere rocked a chic bob in 2019!

Douglas J Aveda Institute student @melanie_colours works at @nudethesalon. She created the perfect chic bob on this beautiful blonde babe.

3. Vibrant Mahogany Tones

Dark brunettes and people with red hair often tried the fun mahogany shades of red and purple! In 2019 lowlights of purple and deep reds were peeking out from perfectly curled balayages. The most mesmerizing color was a bold shade of bright red that mimicked Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Want to achieve this look yourself? Aveda’s Color Conserve Set is a great option to keep the color in your hair vibrant and bold.

#violethair by Douglas J Aveda Institute Ann Arbor student Zoe Smith @zsmittybeauty. This picture makes us want purple hair!

4. Bangs From the ‘60s

This red wig gives us ‘60s feels. Long fringe bangs, like the ones shown in the photo below, came back in style in 2019. This is a good look if you have a square-shaped face.

Did you know that certain types of bangs look better on different face shapes? If you have a long-shaped face, straight across bangs are the way to go. If you have a round or heart-shaped face, consider getting bangs that swoop to the side. Oval face shapes look good with almost any style of bangs. Bangs are a fun way to frame your face, and they look super cute with high ponytails.

Leah @bellezza.di.leah is currently an esthiology student at Douglas J Aveda Institute. She transformed her model with a fire red wig, and bright eyeshadow to compliment her green eyes.

5. 90s-Inspired Hair Accessories

Stunning hair accessories from the ‘90s became a fashion icon. Barrettes with pearls on them and rows of sleek pins were used to push back hair. Even celebrity Hailey Bieber was seen wearing these trending hair accessories.

We are obsessed with this #vintagehair look by Eden Kinkade @edenkinkade_hair. Eden is a cosmetology student at Douglas J Aveda Institute. A small row of bobby-pins was a common trendy look you would see in 2019.

Want To See More Trends?

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If you’re interested in learning how to do these looks for yourself, check out our cosmetology program at Douglas J Aveda Institute! Our students can learn a variety of skills from cutting bangs to getting the gorgeous deep mahogany color of 2019 with our Earth-friendly Aveda products. If you have a passion for beauty, schedule a tour of our school to see how you can make your beauty dreams a reality.