Esthetics and Massage Therapy: A Match Made In Heaven

Jul 20 2017

Continually expanding your horizons, learning new skills, and striving to get better at your job is important. It is a key ingredient in making your career more satisfying and rewarding. If you are thinking about a career in the wellness and beauty industry, it is especially important to keep learning new things because the industry is constantly changing. Esthetics and massage therapy are both branches of the beauty and wellness industries that are growing. So which one should you choose? If both are interesting to you and they fit with your personality, why choose? Do both. Here’s some of the benefits of being licensed in both massage and esthetics!

woman getting a massage

Where to Work?

Becoming licensed in either massage therapy or esthetics can open its own doors and opportunities for career paths. If you are licensed in both, many career options may be available to you. Many workplaces within the beauty industry have demand for estheticians and massage therapists.

You Can Gain Greater Understanding

Massage therapy is focused on using your hands to heal and help the body. As a massage therapist you are working to relieve the stress and tension from the muscles of your clients. Knowing techniques to do this and how the body reacts to certain things is an important aspect of being a great massage therapist. Esthetics is all about helping clients achieve more healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. If you put these two together, you can become a great source of knowledge and understanding. You can learn a lot about balance and good overall health with a background in both massage therapy and esthetics. You are also going to learn about things in esthetics that can help you in massage therapy and vice versa.

esthetician giving skin treatment

More Convenience

People are busy. Many people would prefer to get all services in one visit. This could be a huge advantage to someone who has multiple licenses. Instead of going to the spa for a massage and the salon for a waxing or facial, your clients could get both from you in one stop. This could be much more convenient for the client, you and the business that you work for. People are always trying to knock out two birds with one stone, and if you can help them do that they’re going to love you for it!

Personal Benefits

Constant learning, growing and improving is part of becoming a better human being. By adding more skills and broadening your horizons you will not only grow professionally, but it could certainly help you grow personally as well. It seems like the more you strive to learn about new things, the more you also learn about yourself. You can make adjustments and change things about yourself that will help you be more confident.

woman with a black tunic on folding arms and smiling

Networking Opportunities

If you already have training in either massage therapy or esthetics, then you already know that you get to meet a lot of new people. When you go to school you will meet professors and peers that know a lot about the subject you are studying. Once you graduate you will meet people in the industry that you can count on for information, job connections and career help. Take all those people and connections and times that by two. If you had a license or certification in both esthetics AND massage therapy, your pool of friends, co-workers and go-to people in your professional world would never dry up. In fact, you would probably become the go to person because you could be a bridge from one branch of the beauty industry to another branch in the health and wellness industry!

Going to School

A really nice feature of getting licenses in both esthetics and massage therapy is that you get a lot for the time you put in. The time spent to get both licenses in Michigan can take you less time than some of the other beauty programs take by themselves. It can be a really good investment of your time.

If you are an esthetician who wants to explore massage therapy, or vice versa, contact us. We can help you grow and learn new skills. We want to help you reach the next level in your career!