Nail Trends For Fall And Winter?

Oct 19 2018

fingers with a maroon nail polish holding acorns
We are always in love with the gorgeous colors that this season brings with it. From the changing of the leaves in fall to the bright reds and greens of Christmas time, the colors of the last few months in 2018 bring with them new beauty trends. Here at Douglas J Aveda Institutes, we’re excited for all the new changes in beauty that fall and winter have to offer. One trend that we always look forward to at the beginning of a new season is nails. With so many design and color possibilities, nails have become a canvas for trying new looks and you are the artist. With fall here and winter right around the corner it’s time to prepare for your next nail look. Here are some nail trends for you to try out this fall and winter!

A Gorgeous Matte Color

Matte nail polish has been popular for the last few seasons and it doesn’t look like that popularity is going to die down anytime soon. We are totally okay with that! The matte nail polish is the perfect way for anyone who isn’t into bright colors on their nails and wants a more muted look. As a bonus, the right muted color can easily complement the oranges and yellows that surround us during fall. This maroon matte color goes perfectly with the colors of fall. It also puts you in the festive mood if you decide to wear it around Christmas time. We love how the almond nail shape makes this muted color look even more elegant.

Woman with white nails uncapping a pen

Use That Negative Space

Sometimes less is more and never before has that statement been more true than with nails. Not only will this design reduce the chance of chipping, but it will also give you the freedom to stretch your creativity. The beauty of using the negative space on your nails is that there are so many different possibilities and you could spend all fall and winter trying out new designs. This gold color is a great way to match the colorful leaves in fall and the holiday colors of Christmas. It will go perfectly with both your fall and winter wardrobe.

Woman with painted nails holding mug


Metallic nail polish is on the rise for trendy colors and we are happy to embrace it with arms wide open. Not only is this another great color to complement your fall and winter clothes, but it’s also the perfect way to make a statement. The metallic is sure to catch people’s attention, making this the nail color for anyone who is looking to stand out. The metallic goes well with a lot of other colors, so don’t be afraid to add on something else if the metallic alone gets too bland. This coral french tip is just one of many ways to add a more personal flair.

Woman with gold nails holding hands in prayer

Change Of Tone

If you’re someone who gets bored with your nails after seeing the same color for days then changing the color tone on different nails might be the solution you’ve been looking for. This is a great way to really show the spectrum of the color you’ve chosen and all the beautiful variations that it has to offer. This one is for all the indecisive people who can’t choose between a blush or rose pink. There’s no rulebook that says you can’t wear them both. This example of different purples shows the beauty that can come from not sticking to one color. We love the glittery gold nail on each hand that make the purple colors pop even more.

Woman with grey painted nails holding sweater

Add a Dash of Glitter

Since we’re on the topic, glitter is quickly becoming people’s favorite thing to put on their nails. It isn’t hard to see that the gold glitter matches perfectly with the upcoming seasons. While we love the popular trend of giving one nail on each hand the glitter treatment as seen above, there are so many more ways to find your glitter style. If you’re more into the french tip look, think about substituting the white nail polish for glitter. French tips are great because they’re easier to manage than if you painted your entire nail. With this look you’ll still have an easy time caring for your nails while also trying on a new design. There are lots of ways to wear glitter so don’t be afraid to experiment to find your perfect match.

Woman's hand with pink painted nails

The Half-Moon Look

There are many ways this year to wear two colors at once. This is the time of year to experiment which colors go together. You might be wondering what the best way is to wear two colors on the same nail. Put those worries to rest because this fall and winter trend is the perfect way to show off both of your favorite colors. The half-moon nail trend is perfect for trying on two colors while also accentuating your beautiful and rounded nail shape. This look shows off black against nude in the best way.

Woman with manicure holds phone up to take a photo


If all else fails and you still don’t know where to begin, a simple nude color is always a good starting point. The nude color works with all seasons, but we think it looks especially good with the muted colors of fall and winter as opposed to the bright neon colors in summer. With the muted trend so big right now, there is no better time to try this shade. The nude color is also perfect for trying new trends. From applying that glitter to adding on beads to your designs, the nude color is a perfect canvas for all your creative ideas. The best part about the nude color is that it looks good on all nail shapes. So don’t be afraid to use this timeless color in the following months.

Woman sitting on couch holding glass

Your Nail Education Starts Now

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