Our Top Favorite Styles from Coachella

May 15 2019

Girl in flower crown at a music festival.

[Updated for 2019]

In case you missed it, Coachella happened last month. When we weren’t busy obsessing over performances by Ariana Grande or Billie Eilish, we were drooling over the festival fashion. This is an event where people pull out all the stops when it comes to their looks. 2019 was no exception. Here are our favorite Coachella styles from this year’s festival!

Bike Shorts

If this trend proves anything, it’s that athleisure and sports luxe looks are here to stay. Bike shorts were seen at Coachella in a variety of styles. Whether they were paired with a long jacket, sports bra, hoodie, mesh top or basic t-shirt, it’s a festival look that will transfer into to summer street style. Bike shorts are a great way to feel like you’re wearing leggings without the added heat of full-length pants!

Girl in bike shorts with a hoodie.


Being “matchy-matchy” is no longer a faux-pas. Matching co-ords were a huge trend at Coachella this year and it’s a summertime style you can easily replicate in daily life. Since everything literally matches with a co-ord, you hardly have to think about your outfit! Try one out in a simple neutral like black or white, or go for a pattern like polka dots, leopard print or stripes. Co-ords come in pants, shorts and skirts, so it’s easy to stay cool during hot summer festivals, trips to the beach or wherever else the season takes you.

Woman in a coordinating beige outfit sits on a step outside

Animal Print

Love a good leopard print? How about zebra stripes or snakeskin? Animal print was HUGE at Coachella and can be seen in basically every clothing store you’ll visit this summer. The great thing about animal print is you can really play with it. From bold leopard print dresses to understated snakeskin boots, animal print apparel comes in all shades, forms and styles. If you feel like getting crazy and mixing trends, go for a full-on animal print co-ord!

Laughing girl in leopard print dress sitting on steps


Maybe it’s the bright colors or the free-spirited vibe, but this 1960s hippie staple is always popular amongst Coachella participants. It’s also regaining popularity in the fashion world. You may be hesitant to try out this trend due to its loud, in-your-face colors. However, tie-dye can be done tastefully. It all depends on the color scheme. Try a black and white tie-dye top or a dress that uses muted pastels. For those who want to go bold, lean into those rainbow and neon colors! You can even use tie-dye inspiration for your hair and makeup with accessories, colorful eyeshadow, bold eyeliner and much, much more!

Girl in a tie dye shirt standing in front of a fence.

Fanny Packs

Hate them or love them, fanny packs were all over the place at Coachella 2019. It’s a controversial trend, to say the least, but it looks like these throwback bags are here to stay for a while. Luckily, fanny packs are a lot cuter than they were in decades past. You can pick one up in sleek faux leather or trendy leopard print. As for where you actually wear the bag, Coachella attendees were seen sporting fanny packs crossbody, balanced on one hip and around the waist in the traditional style. Embrace this throwback trend and wear yours however you want!

Woman in a yellow dress with a red fanny pack.

We’re excited to see these styles on the street this summer. If you’re thinking of rocking a Coachella-inspired trend, come into Douglas J Aveda Institute and get the hair, makeup and nails to match! Check out summer beauty tips, tricks and trends below!