Our Favorite Braids

Mar 06 2018

girl braiding her hair

Are you stuck in a hair rut? Are you doing the same hairstyle day in and day out? It’s time to mix things up and to start mastering your braiding techniques. Here are some of our favorite braids and a step-by-step guide on how to perfect them. Keep calm, and braid on!

The Rope Braid

Let’s hit the ground running. The rope braid gives you a completely different look. This braid brings texture and dimension to your hair. The best part is, it’s easier to do than a french braid.

Woman with braided hair wearing white dress


The Fishtail Braid

The fishtail is not only fun to wear but actually fun to put together! The technique is similar to french braiding. Our number one pointer is to practice. You’ll be fishing it up without a mirror in no time!

Woman with braided hair wearing sunglasses sits on car parked on beach


The Big Braid

For the girls that have thick hair, or would like to fake thick hair, this braid is for you. The key is to keep it loose and and to pull the braided sections apart in order to get the “fuller hair” look.

Woman with braided hair leans on counter and looks away


The Pull Through Braid

This braid will pull through for you. We love how casual yet elegant this look is. Dress it up with a dress or dress it down with a casual outfit. However you wear it, wear it with confidence!


The Braided Bang

Growing out your bangs can be a the pain. It can seem like they are in that “awkward stage” for ages. Braiding them out of your face is not only cute but insanely convenient. Show off your skills and your pretty face!

Woman with braided hair looks down while standing on stairs outside


The Messy Braided Crown

Substitute an actually crown with a braided crown. Now you’re really slaying, Queen!

Woman with braided hair laughs in greenhouse


It’s KNOT a braid

Not a huge fan of braids? Don’t have time to braid those luscious locks? No problem! This style is as easy as can be. Double knot your hair and seal it with a bobby pin or two. You’ll be having strangers ask how you did it.


Try Them Out Yourself!

These ideas are only the beginning of what a braid can do. Don’t be afraid to get creative, try new styles and rock a new look. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect. Take breaks and be patient. You’ll get these styles down in no time! Learn these braiding techniques and more while in our cosmetology program. We want to see what braid you’re rocking today! Post on our Facebook your braided look.