Pastel Hair is Still In!

Apr 09 2018

model with short light pink hair looking at the camera with hands on face

Trends come and go. We all know that. Puffy sleeves from the 80s are out, but 80s denim jackets are all the rage. Early 2000s kitty heels are thankfully out, but glitter eyeshadow is good to stay. If you look around, pastel hair has been a hit for a couple of years now. No color is too crazy for pastel hair. From a subtle orange to a bold silver, let’s go over some of our favorite looks.

Tickle Me Pink

Woman with pink hair wearing hat in the woods

One of the more popular colors to work with is a shade of pink! Anyone can pull off a pastel pink, all you need is confidence. What’s so great about this color is that you can find any shade to work with your complexion. From a light pink to a bold pink, we think it will look beautiful on you.

Peachy Keen

Woman with orange hair in front of a mountain lake

For those that have always dreamt of being a redhead but in a Care Bears kind of way; this color is gorgeous. We love this look for fall and rocking it with dark clothes and dark makeup. The contrast is beautiful and moody!

Striking White

Woman with white hair in front of white wall

One of the first colors that became very popular in the last three years is a striking white. This color is a fun way to switch up from your light blonde hair. Don’t forget, the color may look duller under fluorescent lights than it will in natural lighting. Make sure that the color you want looks right in natural lighting before going a shade lighter. Use a purple shampoo to keep your hair from going brassy.

Sky Blue

Woman with blue hair standing in a forest

A sky blue will make those blue eyes pop! This color is lovely and can be worked in a moody shade or something more light. Go for the more “natural” makeup look. This will let your hair and eyes be the focus point.

Girly Grey

Young woman with silver hair wearing watch adjusting her sunglasses

We’re so happy that grey hair is popular. Now we don’t have to worry about our hair going grey. This color is different from silver fox because of the dark undertones. The growing out process isn’t as extreme. However, just like a bleached silver, make sure to use a shampoo that won’t dull the color.

The Key to Pastel

For those that are timid about the commitment of color, start with a “peek-a-boo piece”. Dye sections of your hair that you can easily hide. See how your hair takes it and if the color works well with your complexion. Not only will this be a good test trail for your hair, but coloring sections instead of a full head means less maintenance!

The key to really make the pastel pop is patience. Most likely than not, it will take more than one session of coloring to get to your preferred color. Especially if you’re starting with a dark hair color. To avoid damaging your hair, allow your stylist to make the best choices for you and your hair. Book an appointment at one of our *student salons to begin your path to pastel!

*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.