Student Stories: Madison A.

Nov 02 2018

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Our Student Stories series is fun to follow along with because each story is unique. It doesn’t matter if our students are brand new or longtime graduates, all of our students share a common passion: beauty. The ways they pursue this passion and fit it into their lives are all beautifully different. This month we are featuring a student who is fairly new to the Douglas J Aveda Institute family. She may just be getting her start in the industry, but she has already built a strong foundation for herself!

This month we’re talking about Madison A. from our Royal Oak campus.

About Madison

Madison started in our cosmetology program on June 12th of 2018 and is expecting to graduate in May of 2019. Upon graduation, Madison plans to work in a salon and build up her clientele, further her education and eventually travel within the industry. Her long-term goal is to build her own brand. She’s only 22 years old, so she has a whole life of exciting opportunities ahead of her!

Growing up, Madison had never loved herself the way she should have. She didn’t have the self-confidence that she craved and sought after. This all changed when she put in hard work, motivated herself, and lost 80 pounds. This transformation really helped Madison see herself for who she truly was. After her weight loss journey, Madison was able to find the confidence and self-love that she had been lacking for so long. In fact, going through a weight loss transformation gave her such a great confidence boost that she realized she wanted to share this boost of confidence with as many people as she could! She wanted to help people feel beautiful.

Why Beauty?

Madison has always had a passion for beauty. She loved styling hair, and was always the go-to for her friends’ styling needs. She considered a career in beauty, but she feared the negativity associated with it. Doubts ran through her mind: “You won’t make a lot of money” and “There’s no job growth”. She went to college and tried to pursue a mainstream “professional” job, but she found she lacked the passion for it. When she thought long and hard about what she did have passion for, she realized it was in the beauty industry. It all came back to wanting to help people feel beautiful and confident just like she had. Madison decided to pursue her dream and go to beauty school.

Why Douglas J Aveda Institute?

After touring a few schools in the area, none gave Madison the feeling of excitement she was after. When she walked into the Royal Oak campus, she instantly felt the vibe and energy that she was looking for. She felt that this is where she was supposed to be. She’d gone to Aveda salons her whole life so she already knew she loved the great, natural products. The atmosphere of the campus, and the way she felt while there sold her instantly.

Experiences to Share

Madison has always been a people person. She worked at Ulta Beauty for two years, so she knew she enjoyed interacting with other people in a beauty setting. She wanted to make a career out of it and she chose cosmetology as her field. Cosmetology opens up so many doors for the future: hair stylist, color specialist, salon owner, tv/film makeup artist, manicurist or pedicurist and so much more.

As a cosmetologist, you can specialize in many different areas and do exactly what you love. Madison’s passion is hair, specifically hair coloring. She really enjoys working with color because it can provide such a big transformation to someone’s look. A favorite moment for Madison is turning the guest around in their chair to face the mirror. When they see their reflection and their face lights up, that’s when she can tell they like what they’re seeing. This is the moment that Madison senses the boost in confidence she wants to give her guests.


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Even though she hasn’t been on the salon floor for too long, Madison has had some great experiences with salon guests. What she enjoys most is interacting with the guests. She loves the aspect of being a “thera-stylist.” Recently she had an experience with a guest who had lost her son. Madison was able to share some personal insights with mental health that helped the grieving mother. It made her feel better to be able to help someone else, not only with their appearance but also with their life. That is what this profession is all about, helping other people feel good.

Advice for Future Cosmetologists

As we mentioned, Madison is fairly new to the cosmetology world which gives her a fresh perspective. We asked her to share her advice to future cosmetologists and here’s what she had to say:

“Always dream as big as you possibly can and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your dreams are as big as you would like them to be. Always focus on yourself and not the everyday trivial things you might get tripped up about. Don’t get involved in drama. That won’t pay your bills. Hard work will.”

As far as her experience so far in cosmetology school, Madison shared her advice on making the most of the time with educators,

“It happens in the blink of an eye. It will be over before you know it. Make sure you did everything you could with the educators so you’re ready to go into the industry. You think it’s tough now, then realize they were nice to you and holding your hand. People get focused on drama. You need to just focus on your craft and technique.”

Pursue Your Dreams

Do you relate to Madison’s story? Maybe you’ve always had a passion for beauty. Maybe you’ve even tried out other careers and just haven’t felt that spark of passion. Silence your fears and pursue your dream like Madison did. Contact us now to learn more about our cosmetology program!

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