Student Stories: SharaLee Attema

Apr 24 2018

What do you dream of doing in the future? Is it making a difference in your life? Is it changing the lives of those close to you? Or is it to change the lives of people world wide? At Douglas J Aveda Institute, we encourage our students to dream as big as they can. We wanted to feature an alumni who has gone above and beyond the call of a hairstylist to make a difference for women around the world: SharaLee Attema!

About SharaLee

SharaLee is a graduate from our Grand Rapids Cosmetology program. SharaLee has always wanted to make a difference. During her time at Douglas J Aveda Institute, it was plain to see that she was destined to do more than cut hair. SharaLee has always been passionate about helping others, especially those who had experienced trauma.

SharaLee in Nigeria🌍

In 2017 SharaLee took a trip to Nigeria to spread love and happiness to those who needed it most. During her time there she worked on creating a skill center for women. SharaLee taught cosmetology to women who escaped the sex trafficking industry, widows of men lost in persecution and those who had been sexually exploited in the past. SharaLee also helped open a hair salon to help employ those women after they mastered their skills.

It was clear that this is where SharaLee was meant to take her skills and spread her love of cosmetology and helping others. She longs to return again to continue making a difference in the lives of women.

The Aveda Way

The Douglas J family partnered with Aveda not only because they offer high-quality products but because they stand for something greater than themselves. To be a part of the Aveda family is to be someone who cares for the community around them. It is the Aveda mission to make a difference. We are a part of a variety of activities and organizations set out to change the world. From saving water to keeping the Earth safe and clean, we encourage our students to pave the way toward a better tomorrow.

SharaLee is just one example of a student who took the Aveda way to heart and carried it on after graduation. We couldn’t be prouder of the example that she has set!

What SharaLee is Doing Nowđź’‡

Though she longs to return to Nigeria in the future, SharaLee has found herself in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She currently works as a Designer at Cole’s Salon in Burnsville. Here she creates beautiful works of hair art on a daily basis.

Thank You, SharaLee!

Not many beauty professionals have the opportunity to utilize their careers the way you have. From all of us here at the Douglas J Aveda Institutes, thank you. Thank you for making a difference and being an inspiration to us all!

Be Like SharaLee

If you want to fuel your future by getting a beauty education, you can do it at Douglas J Aveda Institute. Contact us today to learn more about our Cosmetology program! Don’t wait for your time to make a difference in the world, seize the moment and make the change today!

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