Student Stories: Sherita M.

Jul 31 2018

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What makes a great esthetician? At Douglas J Aveda Institute, we believe that an esthetician goes from good to great when they put their whole heart and soul into their work. When someone genuinely loves what they do and wants to make a difference in the lives of the people around them, they go from a service provider to a life changer.

There is no one who better exemplifies this greatness than our recent graduate Sherita M.!

About Sherita

Sherita grew up in a household inspired by beauty. She spent most of her time in the salon where her mother worked for 17 years. Throughout her years of being a part of a salon family she gained an interest in waxing specifically. She aspired to be what she called a “Wax Queen”. This is when Sherita knew it was time to follow in her mom’s footsteps and get a beauty education!

Why Beauty?

We understand that a large motivator for Sherita was growing up in home where the beauty industry was a part of everyday life, but we wanted to know more. Did Sherita always see herself as a beauty pro?

“I knew I would be in the beauty industry. I never went into cosmetology, but I did hair braiding. I’ve worked in barber shops as a hair braider. But I’ve always wanted to have my own thing.”

“My goal is to someday have my own spa! I believe that not a lot of people know a lot about skin care. To bring people together and help them be educated and help them learn, I’d like to be a part of that.”

Sherita posing at her graduation with flowers and balloons

Why Douglas J?

Sherita did her due diligence as a potential beauty school student by looking at several schools in her area. However, she said that Douglas J Aveda Institute really drew her in. “Douglas J is the Harvard of beauty schools. If you go to school there, you’ve really made it. I wanted to be a part of the best school around. When I tell people that I went to Douglas J, they want to know, ‘was it hard?’. I say that’s it’s challenging, but in a good way. They help you set reasonable goals and achieve them.”

“They [Douglas J Aveda Institute] take lot of pride in what they do. They want their students to be proud, too. You’ll be helped. If you have doubt, your instructors will help you get over that. They help you stay motivated. I loved this place. I wish I had these instructors in high school!”

We asked Sherita to share what her favorite part of the program was, and she lovingly said it was her instructors. “They really made the program. They made it seem like a fun and not like hard work. Even though I did services every day, it never felt like work. It was always pleasant. The instructors made it likable for us.”

“They [Douglas J Aveda Institute Royal Oak] have the best vibe. Even if you aren’t in the esti program, every staff member has the best vibe. If I had a bad day at work and went to school, when I hit that door my bad day went away. There’s no such thing for me as a bad day at Aveda. I loved it. I cried when I left. I go and visit and I am grateful. I am grateful for my experience.”

We are over the moon with what Sherita had to say about our school! The pride that our students have in our institutions is unmatched. We hope that all of our students have just as much pride and excitement about their educations as Sherita did!

sherita's facial before and after

Why Esthetics?

Sherita is a recent grad of our esthiology program at our Royal Oak campus. We asked Sherita why she chose esthetics. Sherita said, “I originally took the course to learn waxing. As I learned more and more, I fell in love with skin care in general! I love the way I can make people feel.”

We totally understand Sherita’s mindset. Helping someone embrace their inner glow by making them feel comfortable in their own skin is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have as an esthetician. “Facials are are my favorite service.” said Sherita. “I still love waxing, but I love facials more because you get to show the differences. You can educate. You can show them the progress. I get to give back to the client and help them!”

“I love esthetics because it doesn’t feel like work, it’s so nice. I like the connection I get to make with people.”

Sherita also asked us to share a funny quote from one of our instructors: “When waxing remember to push it, don’t smush it!” – Birdie.

Thanks for the memories that make us smile, Sherita!

Advice For Future Estheticians

Sherita is inspiring. That’s why we’ve asked her to share some advice with others who are looking to pursue their dreams in the beauty industry.

“People pushed back [on me]. People don’t know how big the industry is. They questioned everything. My pay. My benefits. You have to step out on faith and have heart. If you want it to work, it will work.”

Passion is one thing that fuels our fire. As an institution, we encourage our students to not only master the practical skills we teach them in our programs, but we actively push them to be passionate. We want our students to feel proud of what they do, and Sherita is the perfect example of someone who LOVES what they do!

In addition to her advice about a beauty career, Sherita shared some advice about enrolling in the esthiology program at Douglas J Aveda Institute. “Going into esthetics I didn’t know how much I was going to learn. Take notes, be an open book. Breathe! It’s not as hard as it seems, but it pushes you. Listen to your instructors. Take notes. Stay positive!”

sherita's waxing work

A Mom With a Dream

Sherita is a loving mother of three children. Motherhood is a job within itself, and we asked Sherita why she chose to take on another full time responsibility. “I really love doing things with my kids, but esthetics I got to do myself. This was something I got to do for me. I have to have a life too, and this is it!”

We can’t help but feel a deep amount of respect for Sherita and all of the other amazing women in our industry and within the Douglas J family.

You Can Be a Part of the Beauty Industry

Feeling inspired by Sherita’s story? You can be a part of the beauty industry, too! Do something for YOU! Contact us now to learn more about our esthiology program! We can’t wait to help you chase your dreams.

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