Student Stories: Sydney R.

Mar 01 2019

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If we never challenged ourselves, we would never realize our full potential. Our students challenge themselves on a daily basis and it is through these challenges that they learn to realize how much they can achieve. We are constantly filled with pride when we witness our students facing and overcoming challenges. This month we are featuring a student from our Knoxville campus who is an amazing example of pursuing her dream in the face of challenges, Sydney.

About Sydney

Sydney R. is currently in our cosmetology program and will be graduating in June 2019! What makes her story so inspiring is the fact that she is deaf. The fast pace and highly social aspect of careers in the beauty industry don’t appeal to everyone, but Sydney knew this is what she wanted to do and didn’t let anything get in her way! She has a cochlear implant but it can still be difficult at times for her to communicate with her guests. She is continuously working through it and the awesome support of her Douglas J Aveda Institute student salon* guests and fellow students help her improve every day. She is continuously impressing people with her ability to overcome challenges.

Sydney R. Douglas J Cutting Hair

”When I volunteered at the Women’s Expo, no one could tell [I was deaf]. I proved that the deaf can do anything.”

*All Services Performed By Students Under the Supervision of Licensed Instructors.

Why Beauty?

Sydney has always enjoyed doing hair and makeup. She loves being able to express her creativity with her hands. She speaks English and American Sign Language (ASL), but she finds that beauty is a universal language. Hearing or deaf, everyone enjoys feeling beautiful.

When Sydney was making her decision about her post-secondary experience, she knew she wanted to pursue a career that she would enjoy. The beauty industry seemed like a great place to start. She came to a career fair and fell in love with the school. Everybody was nice, she could feel good vibes throughout and the educators really seemed to care. She loved the fact that Aveda is a cruelty-free brand that doesn’t test on animals and that there were so many great student resources available.

After the career fair Sydney knew Douglas J Aveda Institute was the place for her. She applied for our cosmetology program and has been with us ever since. She’s now working part time, going to school and working on building her Instagram account. If you have Instagram and want to follow her you can use the Instagram app to scan her nametag below!

Future Plans

So far, Sydney’s favorite part of her cosmetology education has been learning to do haircuts. She loves making her guest’s hair dreams come to life and helping them feel good about themselves. After she graduates she is excited to start looking into career opportunities. There are so many available to her, the cosmetology world is full of dream careers, and we can’t wait to see what path Sydney chooses! Her is her advice to current and future students:

”Be yourself, work hard and study hard too. Mostly… have fun.”

Are You Ready to Pursue Your Dream?

If Sydney’s story inspired you to face your personal challenges and start chasing your dream in the beauty world, you’re in the right place. Here at Douglas J Aveda Institute we offer programs in cosmetology, esthiology and massage therapy that can help you pursue your dream career in the beauty and wellness industries. We have campuses in Ann Arbor, Chicago, East Lansing, Grand Rapids, Knoxville and Royal Oak. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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