Student Story: Caitlyn H.

Dec 17 2019

Graphic of CaitlynWe love our students at Douglas J Aveda and the amazing work they do every day. They inspire us and help the Douglas J Aveda family become even better than they were before. This month we are featuring one of our talented students, Caitlyn, from Douglas J Aveda Institute’s Chicago location. We hope her story inspires others to follow their dreams and passions to become amazing artists in the beauty industry.

Starting Her Journey in Beauty

Caitlyn’s journey inspires us to share the story with everyone who is contemplating attending beauty school. Caitlyn started out attending a private school after graduating from high school but realized that wasn’t the right path for her. She moved on to working as a receptionist at a salon and doing freelance makeup.

Caitlyn ended up bartending and waitressing until she realized that she wanted to find a profession that would allow her to use her natural-born creative talents every day. She always felt happiest when she was creating art. That drive pushed her toward the beauty industry!

Caitlyn wanted to find a program that would let her express herself, and while she originally planned to do esthetics, she ultimately decided that cosmetology was the route she wanted to take.

When it came to choosing a beauty school, there was no contest for Caitlin. “It was an easy choice to make when I decided on going to cosmetology school,” she says. “I was going to attend an Aveda Institute. After touring Douglas J Aveda Institute in Chicago and hearing how much hands-on experience you received there, my decision was made.”

An Unmatched Education

Caitlyn has many favorite things about attending Douglas J Aveda Institute. “The amount of real-life experience you get is probably unmatched by other schools. After your first 10 weeks, you are working on real clients, and our books are FULL,” she says. “You are cultivating your own clientele and building relationships with real people. It feels like working in a real salon.”

Caitlyn also loves her educators and how much there is to learn from each one of them. We’re excited to make the things that she loves a part of the Douglas J Aveda Institute experience.

Caitlyn’s Advice to Beauty School Students

“Be ready to work hard and push yourself. Beauty school is HARD, not only mentally, but physically too. It’s not easy, but it is so rewarding. If things feel easy, you’re not challenging yourself enough. Just be ready and open to learning it all, and you can decide what to focus on when you’re done.”

We love her mindset! At Douglas J Aveda Institutes we strive to provide added support as you work toward your dreams.

Caitlyn’s Accomplishments and Dreams

Caitlyn is a talented and hard-working student who has found an outlet for her creativity in the beauty industry. Her proudest accomplishment since entering into the world of beauty was entering into the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). Take a look at her beautiful entries!

And her Instagram content is amazing as well! Take a look at some of our favorite looks from her stunning feed and follow her @beautywithahook.

Caitlyn has dreams to do it all. After she graduates, she hopes to spend even more time with makeup and trying YouTube tutorials as well as getting certified in lash extensions and microblading.

She dreams of becoming a creative colorist, doing editorial hair and makeup, attending fashion week and eventually work towards winning an award at NAHA! She wants to create work that inspires others and to do good.

What Are Your Dreams?

We love telling the stories of our students and what they accomplish. It’s so inspiring to learn about someone who discovers their love for the world of beauty and totally dominates with talent!

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Do you have dreams of a future in beauty? You have the opportunity to love the world of beauty just as much as Caitlyn! If you’re ready to start discovering how the world of beauty can change your life, then get started today. We’ll answer any and all of the questions you have!

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