Student Story: Lydia

Jul 16 2020


My Roots

Often times I have been asked by family, friends and guests in the salon, “How did you know you wanted to do hair?” Normally I give a brief answer for the sake of time but today I wanted to dive in and shed some light on my journey of becoming a hairstylist.

From a young age I was always drawn to hair. I could be often found playing with the hair of my Barbies, dolls and pets. Eventually this lead to me asking my parents and friends to let me do their hair and give them makeovers. My mom even has pictures of me sitting on my dad’s lap putting different scrunchies and clips in his hair – back when he had hair. I don’t know what specifically made me so interested in hair but from about the age of 4, my hands were always in hair. As I got older, I would style my mom’s hair for special events and even practiced cutting my friends hair in middle school. Needless to say, her mom was not happy, but I sure was.

I always loved the experience of going to the salon and getting my hair done. From walking in and getting a cold refreshing drink and browsing through the magazines to see if I could find the next cool haircut. Being in the salon always intrigued me even more about the beauty industry. I often found myself admiring and thinking “they truly are magicians.” It was always pure magic leaving feeling like new person; feeling so confident and beautiful. This sparked an interest to see what beauty school was all about. My family has always suggested I go to school for hair, they always thought I was such a natural at it. Doesn’t everyone’s family say the same thing though?


My Beauty School Journey

With my natural desire for hair and the encouragement of my family, I looked into beauty school while still considering college. After much contemplation, I made the decision to not purse my passion in beauty and follow a more traditional path – Medical School. I was in my final class of perquisites before being eligible for my program and found myself completely at a lost. Overwhelmed didn’t even seem to be a big enough word for how I was feeling. The more I thought about my college journey, the more I realized this wasn’t for me. When all was said and done, I was simply not happy. I knew I couldn’t go through with it. I needed to do something that has always made me happy, where I knew I had passion. I wanted to enjoy my daily life and not feel like it was a “job”.

This deep desire to follow my dreams lead me to tour several beauty schools which ultimately lead me to Douglas J Aveda Institute. I really loved what I was seeing online and what wonderful things people had to say about the company as a whole. I made an appointment to tour the school and was completely drawn by the ambience and their professionalism. To this day, I remember being greeted by a gentleman who worked at the front desk who offered me the best hand and arm massage. I felt that Douglas J was such a professional, clean and highly esteemed school. I knew that I was going to be receiving that best of the best when it came to education. I am happy to say that I made the decision to follow my passion and enrolled at Douglas J Aveda Institute and graduated.

Continuing My Career

I have continued with my passion in hair and even continued my career with Douglas J as a licensed hairstylist. It has now been almost 5 years and the amount of education opportunities I’ve had, the mentorships and the environment has cultivated me into the strong stylist I am today. It may have taken me many different routes and detours to get to where I am today but that is life. Through my journey, it has helped shaped me and given me have an even greater love for my career. I am so thankful to have a career that I love. I am thankful to be in a creative environment that pushes me to grow and gets me out of my comfort zone. This isn’t just a job or just a company to work for, Douglas J has truly changed me as a person. Teaching me to care about the products we use on ourselves, something that is natural and safe. Being mindful of how we impact our environment and the world around us, putting others first and having a servant’s heart. I can say without a doubt that working for Douglas J has made me a better person all around. If I can leave people with one career tip, it would be to choose PASSION over everything else and the rest will follow; money, happiness, etc. It’s never too late to pursue what you are most passionate about.

Start a Journey like Lydia Did

If you’ve been thinking about paving your own path on the world of beauty, you can get started on your journey like Lydia did at one of the Douglas J Aveda Institute locations. We have helpful admissions representatives to answer any questions that you may have about our school or getting started. We’re excited to help you begin your dreams today!

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