Student Story: Mary H.

Jul 29 2019

Preview image featuring Douglas J student Mary Hall.

It’s easy to imagine the typical beauty school student as an 18-year-old fresh out of high school. While this is a common demographic, many other people choose to pursue beauty later in life. Mary Hall is a great example of this type of individual!

About Mary

Before she became a beauty school student, Mary was pursuing entrepreneurship. She currently owns a mobile clothing boutique and a commercial cleaning business. On top of that, she’s also raising a nine-year-old daughter and five-year-old son! Despite an already busy schedule, Mary is a go-getter. She knew that she wanted to pursue her interest in beauty and hopefully turn it into a career. “There isn’t a simple answer for me [on why I wanted to pursue beauty] because there are years wrapped up in my decision,” she says. “But ultimately my passion for natural hair pushed me to sign up for the [cosmetology] program.” She’s now a student at our East Lansing location and is set to graduate in early November 2019!

Mary Hall with a young client in a salon

Why Douglas J Aveda Institute?

As an East Lansing native, Douglas J Aveda Institute has always been familiar to Mary. “I’ve always known the name Douglas J and have always been aware of its outstanding reputation,” she says. “I didn’t waste any time “shopping around” and headed straight to Douglas J, knowing they’d be the only school to fit my expectations.” So far, Mary is loving her time in the cosmetology program, particularly doing haircuts, color painting and working on curly hair! She also feels that her age gives her an advantage in school, since she has more life experience than some younger students might. “For my more “seasoned” folks out here thinking you’re too “old” to pursue beauty school, you’re not!” she says. “Get that thought out of your head.”

Mary Hall with her family wearing matching jerseys

During her time at Douglas J Aveda Institute, Mary has discovered the transformative power of beauty. “A very sweet young woman came in wanting the “big chop”. She had hair down to her lower back that was lifeless and drab. I cut it to a chin-length bob and oh goodness, did her look transform!” Mary says. “It was the most satisfying moment I’ve had thus far. But even better [was] my guest’s smile…it was radiant! She was so incredibly excited about her new transformation. It made my entire week. Those moments are absolutely precious!”

Mary Hall posing outdoors.

Wisdom for the Future

When she graduates from the cosmetology program, Mary wants to travel to New York City to train at DevaCurl and become a curly hair specialist. After that, she says she’d love to come back to Douglas J Aveda Institute as an educator one day. She’s got big goals, but that’s because she never gives up! “It’s going to be hard, you’re going to second guess yourself, but if you reflect back onto what drove you to pursue the beauty industry, you can find the power to push on,” she advises. “Ask questions, listen and observe. Your educators are all great at what they do, so take advantage of helping them by your side for the next 11 months! They want to help and want you to be successful, but you have to want that for yourself as well.”

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