The 2020 Beacon Awards

Feb 14 2020

Every year, students from Douglas J Aveda Institute apply to the Professional Beauty Association’s Beacon Awards Program. Students must submit a professional portfolio, resume, and letter of recommendation in order to be eligible. Being accepted to the Beacon Awards is a big deal, and we could not be more proud of our students who attended!

We asked some of the students who attended about their experience, here’s what they had to say!

hands holding name tags at the beacon awards program

Why Our Students Apply to the Beacon Awards

”I chose to apply to Beacon because I realized the monumental impact it would have on my near and distant future. I wanted an opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry, and seek out professional advice.”

-Kassidy Mullennix

Attending beauty school is just the beginning of what can be a long and rewarding career in the beauty industry. We encourage our students to apply to outside programs and activities such as the Beacon Awards in order to help them learn from the top stylists and influencers in the industry. Applying is also a chance to, “…step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Once [I knew]the possibilities, I knew applying for beacon would be a great rewarding opportunity.” -Destiny Johnson

television screen reading the words "I believe that hairstylists can change the world"

Applying the Beacon Awards Experience to the Future

Keeping up to date on the latest styles and practices in the industry can give students a competitive edge as they enter the world of beauty after graduation. Destiny Johnson says she will use this experience to, “Not to be afraid of failure and be willing to step out of my comfort zone. That is where I’ll achieve greatness. I plan to strive even harder at my short and long term goals.”

Not only does the Beacon Awards educate students on trends and practices, they also teach attendees about financial wellness, time management, and marketing themselves as professionals. The weekend is meant to cover every major aspect of the beauty industry, and show students how every piece fits together. Knowing how to balance your skills, time, money, and personal well-being is crucial to being successful in the beauty industry.

a blonde woman standing in front of a pink wall that reads "PBA Beacon Awards"

What’s Next for Douglas J Students

Where do our students see themselves after graduation? As a beauty professional, there are many options you can pursue! Some of our student’s goals include:

“I would like to work in an Aveda salon and spa to start, but continue traveling and doing freelance work as well. The ultimate goal is to win a NAHA award and to be an Aveda artist doing shows.”

-Caitlyn Hook

“I plan to become licensed, start at a salon that I love working in, and start planning on applying for NAHA.”

-Melayne Odell

”Build a spa, something I can call home. Continue to interact and network with new inspiring people.”

-Destiny Johnson

“After graduation my goal is to work in a salon that matches my work ethic, hunger for improvement, and core value system. I am open to relocating and just want to rise to my full potential!”

-Kassidy Mullennix

Whether our students want to work in a salon, own their own, or pursue a new career as the beauty industry develops, an Aveda education and opportunities like the Beacon Awards can help them prepare.

Start on Your Future in Beauty

Are you passionate about beauty? Douglas J Aveda Institutes can help educate and prepare you for a future in the beauty industry. Students also have opportunities to apply to programs like the Beacon Awards and other extracurriculars! Learn more about why Douglas J Aveda Institute might be right for you and apply today!