The Ultimate Esthiology Guide

Feb 05 2020

Are you passionate about skin care? Have you ever considered a future in esthetics? We’ve assembled our ultimate guide to why skin care matters, how to build your skin care routine, keeping your skin fresh all winter and spring, and to help you decide if a career in esthetics might be right for you!

Why Skin Care Matters

Caring for your skin and protecting it from various seasonal changes is essential to keeping skin soft, glowing and wrinkle-free. It’s important to incorporate a moisturizer into your routine, especially if it’s cold or windy outside.

If you want to step up your skincare routine, we’ve got you covered! Check out why skin care matters with some of our favorite product recommendations to help you achieve the glowing skin you’ve always dreamed of!

woman applying a face mask to another woman in a spa

How to Build Your Skincare Routine Based on Your Skin Type

What’s your skin type? That will be the basis for your skin care routine as far as exfoliants, serums, toners, and other products go! Your skin can be categorized into one of four types:

    • Normal
    • Dry
    • Oily
    • Combination

Once you’ve recognized your skin type, we can help you figure out what the next step is! Find out more about what your skin type is and the best routine for your skin to keep it as healthy as possible.

woman applying a facial mask to another woman in a spa

5 Products to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Winter

That winter air and wind is no joke! Consider some extra protection with moisturizing products to keep your skin soft all winter long. We recommend products like a:

      • Moisturizer
      • Serum
      • SPF
      • Lip balm
      • Cleanser

Read more about these products to see how they can benefit you and combat those tough winter winds! Keeping your skin in good shape all winter will help you transition to spring and summer flawlessly and get ready for some sun!

bottle of an aveda skincare product

5 Ways to Refresh Your Skin for Springtime

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home, it’s for your products too! Beauty products decompose over time, especially liquid products. Look at your products and if anything looks, smells, or feels weird, it’s probably time to toss it! Expired products can irritate and harm your skin, so don’t take your chances with them.

How else can you keep your products clean, and when should everything get replaced? Take a look at our easy tips to make sure your skin care products, makeup, and applicators are safe to use, how to clean them, and if it’s time for a replacement!

woman's hands washing a makeup brush

Defining Esthiology

A skincare routine doesn’t have to be just for you! If you are passionate about skin wellness and helping others, you may want to consider pursuing an education in esthiology. Esthiology is Aveda’s way of defining esthetics, which includes training in:

      • Skin care
      • Makeup application
      • Hair removal
      • Body treatments
      • And more!

Our goal in our Esthiology program is to teach our students to become knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. Find out more about how esthiology has become a unique curriculum from Aveda and if it might be right for you!

woman doing another woman's makeup

Career Dreams: Esthetician

A licensed esthetician can have many career options. Factors deciding a future career can include, what hours you’d like to work, if you’d like to work in an office or at home, and what age of people you’d like to work with. Potential careers can include:

      • Spa therapist
      • Spa director
      • Spa owner
      • Film makeup artist
      • Beauty writer
      • Wellness consultant
      • Cosmetic buyer

As skincare grows in popularity, so do esthetics careers! Read more to find out what goes into these careers, and see if one feels like something you’d enjoy!

woman applying makeup to another woman's face

Pursue Esthiology With Douglas J Aveda Institutes

If you’re ready to take your passion for skincare to the next level, find out why Douglas J Aveda Institutes might be right for you! We are passionate about helping our students be successful by balancing classroom and salon learning, inspiring confidence, and teaching them business practices that will help benefit them after graduation. Contact us to speak with an admissions representative and see if a future in beauty is right for you!