The Ultimate Guide to Starting Beauty School

Feb 06 2018

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Are you looking to learn more about beauty school, but aren’t sure where to start?

Do you know that beauty school is your calling and are looking to find the right institution for you?

We can help you with our ultimate starting guide! Here is our compilation of all the resources you can use to get going.

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What You’ll Need for Beauty School

This blog covers essential tools and the mindset you should have before your first day of beauty school. Don’t worry! If you need a little guidance as you prepare, you can contact Douglas J Aveda Institute.

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5 Ways to Learn More About Beauty School

Feeling a bit frazzled as to where you should get enrollment info or details on programs? Here are five different ways you can get in contact with Douglas J Aveda Institute to learn more about the admissions process.

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The Post-Secondary Experience: Beauty School or College?

If you are feeling unsure or off put by the idea of “missing out on the college experience”, this blog is for you. The Douglas J Aveda Institutes can offer you the chance to live a college life while you pursue your dreams at beauty school.

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Beauty School is Possible

Don’t feel discouraged. Beauty school is something you can do, and we’re here to help you get started. Read this blog to learn more about financial aid and other types of funding.

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Am I Cut Out for Cosmetology School?

Don’t second guess what you’ve known all along. If you have a passion for hair, makeup or skincare, read this blog to motivate yourself to take the leap.

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Making the “Impossible” Possible

One of the most common concerns we hear from potential students is the fear of attending beauty school due to other responsibilities. We always say, “Never let fear guide your decisions.” Read this blog to find out how we help make what may seem impossible, possible.

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Not Sure Which Beauty School Program is For You?

Don’t worry. We can help. Take our quiz to find out if you should pursue cosmetology or esthetics. Once you’ve found your match, contact Douglas J Aveda Institute to find out how to get started.

Douglas J Aveda Institute offers financial aid to those who qualify.