Welcome Aveda VIPs!

Oct 23 2017

aveda leaders
On Sunday October 8th, Douglas J Aveda Institute had the unique opportunity to host a hands-on training and coaching for the leaders of Douglas J. Our leadership teams, spa and salon professionals and our education team members all had the chance to participate in this event. Our staff was instructed on wellness, self-care, servicing with attention, and the importance of retail + home care.

The Aveda VIPs

We hosted three amazing Aveda VIPs for this event. All brought their own experience, knowledge and personalities to the training that truly made it a unique training session.

aveda presentation

Helga Hefner

Helga is a Manager for Professional Spa Education at Douglas J. We asked her to share why she chose the spa and wellness industry.

”It’s so important that we understand ourselves at deeper levels of awareness and take moments each and every day to nurture and replenish ourselves. This industry allows me to do this for myself and for others.”

Shiv Nath Tandon

Shiv is an Aveda Tribal leader, and an important influence our culture of preservation for all living things and total wellness.

”Wisdom comes from experience, not from books. Knowledge in books is someone else’s experience. You can’t live on other’s experiences, create your own.”

Marc Zollicoffer

Marc serves as the Director of Professional Spa Education & Sales. When asked where he saw the future of spa going he said:

”I see people learning to participate more. I really am tired of, and I think people are tired of, the pampering and luxury aspect [of spas]. Spas are going to be a wellness model for the future and spa-going will become something you do on a regular basis to help maintain your health and sanity. We need to counterbalance the fast pace of life, and spas can really help you focus on being in the moment.”


Why This Event was Important

The spa industry is changing, and it is changing fast. That means that our educators must strive to be on the cusp of every new innovation. We invited these VIPs into our institution because we believe that they can better help the Douglas J family become more in tune with the industry changes. Our industry demands that professionals everywhere, including educators, are lifelong learners.

Additional Learning

Not only did Aveda VIPs teach about industry innovations, they also learned more about the changes and product launches that the Aveda brand itself. Last year, Aveda launched a new skincare line, Tulasara. Tulasara was created with ayurvedic practice in mind, and it is 97% naturally derived. Professional spa craftspeople can use these products to complement their take home regimen suggestions to clients.

The team educated our leaders on the science behind the product as well as how to better suggest at home regimens for individuals that go hand in hand with spa treatments. This extra education truly took our event the extra mile, and we hope that all of our leaders felt empowered by the learning they did that day.

aveda education leaders in workshop

The Aveda Way

If you’re interested in learning more about the products and services that Aveda has to offer, consider becoming a professional backed by an Aveda education. Douglas J Aveda Institutes offer programs in Esthiology, Cosmetology and Massage Therapy. Contact us today to find out how you can become Aveda educated.