What is an Esthetician?

What is an esthetician? What does it involve? What are the career paths? If these are the type of questions that pop in your head, keep reading to discover if a career in esthetics at Douglas J Aveda Institute might just be what you’re looking for!

What is an esthetician?
An esthetician is a skincare professional who focuses on the health and improvement of the skin.

What does an esthetician do?
Estheticians evaluate the condition of a person’s skin, determining which treatments will best enhance their appearance and administer those treatments. Services provided by estheticians may include facials, waxing, chemical peels, exfoliation treatments and more.

What are the career path opportunities for an esthetician?
The home of an esthetician can vary widely. While working in a spa and beauty salon is most common or well-known, other areas may include:

  • Medical offices
  • Resorts
  • Wellness centers
  • Traveling on-location

At our institutes, while our esthiology program gives you in-depth training on the technical skills you need for a career, it’s also highly focused on professionalism that can support the path of independence. Crystal Wilson, a graduate of Douglas J Aveda Institute, took the route less traveled on and is paving the way for all our entrepreneur dreamers! Learn more about Crystal’s journey here.

The atmosphere and opportunities are truly yours for the choosing! Are you ready to pursue the path of skin care and wellness? Get the knowledge you need and the hands-on experience you want to jump start your career. Join us, at Douglas J Aveda Institute.

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