Who Was Douglas J?

Mar 22 2019

Douglas J Aveda Institute

At Douglas J Aveda Institute, we’re committed to making sure that our students are taught the core values that our founder Douglas J Weaver always believed in. That’s why our students know that this is a place to push their creative limits while also learning the importance of helping others. Whether it’s a guest interested in a new hairstyle or just anyone needing some extra assistance in our community, students at Douglas J Aveda Institute want to help those around them. These amazing core values that Weaver set help them realize their potential behind the salon chair and beyond. We know the important impact he had on our students’ education, which is why we’re dedicated to making sure that his legacy continues to live on through his schools. Read more to learn about his influence on the beauty industry!

An Early Love for Beauty

Weaver grew up knowing about the beauty industry and the impact it has on people. Both of his parents were hairdressers and he learned to love the feeling of giving someone a hairstyle they love. He continued to enjoy giving people the confidence of a new look and soon his passion for service extended past the salon chair and into his community. Weaver wanted to create job opportunities for those who shared his love of beauty. In 1967, he and his wife Sharon established the Village Hair Shoppe, which is now known as Douglas J Salon & Spa. This allowed him the chance to give others the opportunity to combine their love of creating different hairstyles and providing a positive influence on the community.

Pushing the Boundaries

As someone excited about his creative potential, Weaver was constantly pushing his visions of what a hairstyle could offer someone. Not only was he trying new styles but Weaver was also changing the experience of what a haircut could be for a person. Once a client was in his chair, Weaver made sure that he got to know the person and was committed to making the guest’s time in the chair more personal. He loved connecting with other people, and this was just one way he could do that.

Passing the Torch

Weaver was always thinking of how he could help people around him and this included helping others who wanted to learn his passion for beauty. In 1986, he opened his first school and named it the Douglas J Academy of Cosmetology, now known as Douglas J Aveda Institute. This allowed a place where students could learn how to push themselves in both beauty and personal goals. After owning and managing his own beauty salon for nearly 25 years, Weaver was able to teach his students important lessons in both beauty and business techniques. Weaver always made sure that his students felt seen by him and he went out of his way to provide a support system to his students, so they could believe in their potential. Students were able to learn first-hand from Weaver the importance of putting others before themselves and it’s that belief which allows a student to become a stylist that guests can trust.

Picture of Douglas J Weaver

A Man of Service

Weaver was dedicated to providing service to others and that was shown with everything he did. From truly caring about his guests to helping his students realize their importance as stylists, Weaver made sure that he was making a positive impact with those he met. His service went beyond beauty and he was always looking for ways to help his community. During his lifetime, his company had donated more than $1.7 million to charities worldwide. This showed his students and anyone who knew him that your actions can have a big influence on the people around you and we continue to make sure that his legacy lives on by giving back to our community.

His Influence Today

Even though Weaver passed away in 2018, we can still see his influence on how the beauty industry is run. Weaver’s legacy continues in his three salons and six schools, where the lessons and values he taught are still implemented. His sons, Scott and TJ Weaver now run the business where they make sure that their father’s love of beauty and service are always at the forefront of what our company stands for.

Learn From Douglas J Weaver’s Legacy

If you were inspired by Weaver’s story and want to learn how you can give back to your community through beauty and service, then you should consider joining our Douglas J family. To learn more about how you can become a Douglas J Aveda Institute student, check out our cosmetology, esthiology or massage therapy programs.